Sunday, September 19, 2010

Real Experiences of a Teacher

Finally, I’m almost done with my practice teaching course. I’ve already made 20 over 21 lesson plans and I still have to finish some narrative reports.

Speaking of narrative reports, this experience is truly an unexplainable experience that even narrative reports cannot relate. There is this kind of feeling where in you feel like you were stressed and yet you were still enjoying what you are doing. They say, being a teacher is like being a candle “you consume yourself to light others”, and it is definitely true. You will prepare your lesson, master it and make used of visual aids and yet during your class students were all lazy and busy talking that they don’t get the lesson you’ve prepared- quite annoying right? Seeing your students being passive is kinda discouraging.

But don't loose hope,that's why we are called teachers because we are there to teach- proper values and knowledge. You have to indulge it. Because it's the profession we chose, you have to make your best out of it. Be passionate and care- just love teaching.

me and my students

I have a lot of things and experiences to tell but I’ll some up it with these phrases… “it’s genuine”. People sees it as an ordinary profession, but for us teachers and "teachers to be" it's EXTRAORDINARY.  Everyday gives you something new and unforgetable  experiences. For me, it's noblest job.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

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