Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great Deals for Great Dell Products

What is your wish for Christmas?

Yeah Christmas is coming that’s why I’m wishing to own a new laptop.

The wide approach of technology and its innovations made great changes in every teenager’s likes and desires. Just like me, I wish to have a new laptop for me to explore sites everywhere I go.
I think everybody longed to own a new laptop or any latest gadgets personally. When we dream, you have to dream big. When we talk about dreaming to have a new high quality laptop, it is always accompanied by dreaming to have the best and the latest Dell laptop.

Owning good and high quality laptops doesn’t mean you have to buy it expensively. You can purchase it with a great savings of your money. Checkout
deals for Dell and experience great discounts in your favorite Dell gadgets through there coupon discounts and coupon codes. You can save up to 20% discount. Online discounts are really helpful especially for online shoppers. Add codes to your cart now and experience great savings today.

Here are some of my favorite Dell laptops that I could probably purchase in a 20% discount.
Well I really like and love it. How about you, have you chosen your favorite Dell products today? How about wishing it for Christmas?

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue Sky Scrubs Online: Redefine Medical Wardrobe

I was sick for a few days. I had a fever, sore throat and cough and I stayed at home feeling sick. I really love it if someone nurses me. I like being taking good care of. .

I love the nurse and doctors but I hate to stay in the hospital. I love to be nursed but I hate to take medicines. Many patients today had the same mentality just like mine. That’s why nursing scrubs could be helpful to make things natural and livelier. Checkout and
buy nursing scrubs online and see what I’m talking about. Aside from its fashionable stitching it high quality fabrics that can really makes you feel comfortable of your feeling while in work. They also have surgical scrub hats to compliment your look.

Hospitals now days, had began redefining the look of medical scrubs into more fashionable and stylish. If you want purchase high quality scrubs, well definitely learn to buy
nursing uniforms online- you can choose great fabric and great style from Blue Sky Scrubs.
cheap nursing uniforms could be a lot easier if you buy it online. If you are a nurse, doctor or anyone who were in the field of medicine, this is a great place for you to find your best designed uniform choice.

This post is for the nurse, doctors and any medical personnel because I really admire them. They had a great profession and I loved them.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Google Logo: The Flinstone 50th Anniversary

Again… there’s something interesting about Google logo today. Today, Google pay tribute to the 50 years anniversary of The Flinstone.

The Flinstone is a trademark… when we say cartoons it is inclined with Flinstone. Though there were a lot of animated movies and 3D animated fantastic cartoon series but we should never forget that Flinstone, Lion King, Mulan, and any other cartoon characters were the foundations of today’s success animated craft.

So let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Flinstone. I never thought that Flistone cartoon characters were older than me- I think it’s 30 years older than me (wow!).

Thanks Google for the info.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Place Like Paradise… Welcome to Legoland

Have you ever seen a place like paradise?

If you haven’t, then let me show you what I’m talking about…

If you really want to have a 100% fun in your vacation getaway then start planning your destination today at

Looking at these photos probably you’ll decide right away and pack-up your things for a resort escapade right?
So better checkout the best online site that could offer a discount resort vacation packages to
Legoland. For as low as $71- its retail price- you can enjoy 2-day or 1-night get away in this fantastic and alluring site for a vacation trip.

For wanderers, travelers and outgoing people well this is the perfect lace for your next stop- so grab it now. For those “workaholic people” (like me), well this is the perfect timing for us to grab the opportunity to breathe, relax and meditate our mind once again.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Improving Site's Page Rank Through Voltrank

Increasing and improving your blog’s status and rank is really difficult. My cousin just asked me a while ago on how to dominate and improve blog’s statistics. So I’ll be posting some of the helpful tips for the bloggers out there who wants to learn some of the wee tips on how to boost up your site’s traffic rank.

So, to start up with a new blog, this is one of the helpful tips that could really help you:
1.Do link exchange- you can directly ask another blogger to exchange link or advertise in their site through banners or word links. The latest approach of link exchange today is l
ink exchange network – voltrank.

How Voltrank exchange network helps? Actually this is a good opportunity for site owners to increase their blog traffic without consuming so much of their time and effort. It’s easy step to follow, first sign up to the site Share advertising space
on your websites. Add your site to their system and install code to display links and start receiving volrank volts. To distribute links to other website, first create your advertising links and then you can use Volts to publish your links plus you can control the speed of link growth. The more links in the other site the more possibilities drive more visitors to your site.

2.Make a good post- once you’ve started a site make sure that your post has juice or it has information with a good text links that is available for the readers when they search in the World Wide Web.

3.Submit your sites to Blog Directories-

Well, it’s quite hard to improve its blog statistics specially now that there are a lot of good websites today that reign high and good traffic. I hope this post well help those new bloggers or even help site owners to improve their site's statistics and traffic rank.

Keep going and God bless.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Google

When I opened the Google page today here's what I've seen... Look at its Google Logo... so I suddenly sang this song...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday to you..LOL. (just for fun).

*image by Wayne Thiebaud

Happy birthday Google!!!

Well, definitely this post is for Google because it's celebrating its 12th Birthday or we call it an 12th anniversary of its existence.

Keep going and God bless.

Harry Shum, Jr. of Glee

Wow... look at this good looking man Harry Shum Jr. from Glee. Actually I don't watch Glee all the time because of my busy schedule but because of this handsome Asian guy it really feels me like watching it all the time.

I like the way he smiles and how he projects himself to the camera. Truly he had an admirable smiles and eyes- more unique than the other boys Glee cast.

So here are some of the pictures of Harry I've got from Google. Enjoy and keep going.

Harry Shum Jr Profile:
Chinese Name: Cen Yongkang (岑勇康)
Age: 28
Birth date: April 28, 1982
Nationality: Pure Chinese
Born in Costa Rica. He can speak languages like Spanish, English and Chinese

Thank you Wikipedia for the information. Keep going and God bless.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie Watch: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

Meet Disney movie's Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue... "don't try to understand but believe..."

Experience the excitement and magic as you enter the world of fairies. Meet Lizzy… a little girl who believed in the reality of her dreams- pixie dust and the magic of the fairy land. Let’s join Lizzy as she flies into her dreams and develop friendship with Tinker Bell. Plus a full comedy pack with excitement as the other pixies tried to rescue Tinker Bell.

I know you think that I’m silly because this movie is really for kids but I think it’s for the whole family who wants to enjoy and relax. It is the movie that talks about friendship, trust, and believing in the reality of your dream. Join Tinker Bell and her friends in the new fun and excitement as they enter again in the world of humans.

Honestly I enjoyed watching it with my little sister and my elder sister. So I hope you will enjoy it too.

Keep going and God bless.

A Place for Treating Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Is there a treatment for drug and alcohol addiction?

Did you trade your job because of drug addiction? Or did you trade your family or your children?

Alcohol and drug addiction is probably one of the worse things that could happen to human’s life. Addiction to drugs means you are throwing away your life. It is a decision of withdrawing yourself from your consciousness. I’ve been hearing about drug and alcohol addiction many times- in television, in our neighborhood or even in one of my friends. All of them were all involved in a big trouble like stealing, arguing with the family member of killing people.

We all commit mistakes but everyone deserves second chance- to change and to turn away from our bad habits. That is why I really love to do some postings about
drug rehab treatment centers because I know this post is really helpful for my readers. This post is for parents who seek treatment for their children and a family member who seeks treatment for their loved ones.

It is really terrible to know that many children-in a young age- were involved in this kind of addiction. Don’t tolerate or ignore their addiction. They need care and proper treatment. You may also checkout the nearest rehab centers online see some reputable drug rehab facility like
drug rehab San Diego that would definitely meet your needs and to your budget. The site also helps you find drug rehab Utah knowing that Oxycontin abuse has become a big problem throughout the state of Utah. There are a lot places in world where their major problem is drug addition so let’s start helping today through posting and informing our readers about drug treatments and drug rehabilitation centers.

Let’s both help each other. I hope in this simple way, this will help make up your mind to have a good start for you and for your loved ones. People, especially who are involve in drug addition, really needs a place for reconciliation or reconciling that helps them turn away from this sinful nature . Now, you can easily access online and browse about resources on addiction and search some rehab centers by site.

I hope this post will really make sense to you. Keep going and God bless.

Glee Season 2 Premier

Do you belong in the Glee club? I mean… are you fanatic of the musical comedy-drama television series Glee? Well probably your long wait is over. Finally Fox’s channel premiered its high rating drama Glee Season 2 last September 21, 2010. The Glee club is back and it is pack up with the new and exciting episodes. They also added new cast and I tell you... they were all fantastic.

I know you really missed these Glee club members…

Plus an additional set of members to make it more fabulous in every episodes…

Checkout some of the polls yesterday’s Glee poll…

The highest in the poll is from the Filipino exchange-student Sunshine Corazon (Charice Pempengco) in her auditioning erformance “Listen”.

Here are some of the episode’s snapshots from your favorite show Glee.

*photos credit to:
Keep going and enjoy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holiday Boat Getaway

Everyone deserves a treat!!!

I’m doing my school work today and definitely I’m aiming to pass it tomorrow- to catch up to the deadline. Being a practice teacher requires hard work. Doing some lesson plans everyday, checking papers and narrative reports is quite stressful.

So beyond all those stressful moment, what ever profession you right now, there is always ways to emancipate stresses. There are many things you can do… go on shopping, watch movies, go on salon or spa, do some massage or even sleep at home but I just found some interesting thing you can do to release your stress.

Checkout some voyage holiday vacation we probably need it. I just browsed some
narrow boat holidays and it is really perfect for you and for a family outing. Checkout these photos below and enjoy and aim to experience the lake and boat holiday escapade. Your boating holiday starts here. Experience Europe’s most popular holiday boating waterways.

Enjoy and have fun looking at those photos. Well definitely I’m enjoying it too. I’m really looking forward to have a vacation holiday treat like this.

Here’s a treat that you could really enjoy. A boat has a…
•Folding windscreen
•Low wash hull
•12v socket for mobile phones etc (12v car lead required)
•Warm air central heating
•Soft furnishings and fitted carpets in saloon
•DVD available for extra cost
•Video player available at extra cost
•Duvets and bed linen

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Entrecard Problems

I just encountered some of the problems in my Entrecard.
Do you use Entrecards? If you do and you encountered the same problem, then please comment and share your ideas to help me work it out.
Thank you.

This is my Drop Entrecard problem. I hope you can help me.

Some of my blogs are missing and it has been replaced by other blogs.
This is the picture of my blog when I click switch to "Lingzspot".

While this is how it looks like in my entrecard when I click switch to "Life of a Lady Boy"--which is not my blog.

Mobile Plans at Reboost

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Checkout my latest phone today…
This is my personal phone. I’ve been using this phone for almost two months now. My old phone was defective so I need to use this phone temporarily.

I was quite bored today and there is no special feature in my phone that’s why it’s interesting to browse mobile plans today. Checkout some Boost Mobile today it’s really interesting. I find Re-Boost interesting because of its mobile plan, wide selection of popular phones and it guaranteed services. You can widely select some of the latest and popular phones today like Blackberry. I’ve browsed some of the plans and here’s how it goes… Upon availing a Blackberry plans, with its 'BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited' services for as low as $60/ month, you can avail unlimited nation wide talk, text, web & e-mail using your new blackberry Smartphone. See that’s how interesting it is.

Maybe you doubt, about the payment method. Just relax make it easy. Re-boost provides easy payment methods you can pay on-line, in-person, or pay by phone so it is up to you in which payment method is more convenient. You can also use your debit/credit card to make a payment or simply sign-up for worry-free automatic payments.

My sister had a Samsung Corby wifi phone and it is accessible in opening some of my favorite social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and do some web surfings too. But I prefer that boost mobile is much better because it offers unlimited services (talk, chat, surf and etc.) everyday and pay for it monthly.
In my phone status definitely I cannot completely explore different sites and its really quite annoying using my phone because I cannot update and explore site anytime I want.

Maybe some of you here are interested on this blog post so I’ll be giving you more some of the latest popular phones Boost Mobile offers:
BlackBerry Curve 8330, Motorola Clutch i465, Motorola Bali and etc.

Keep going everyone and explore some more phone gadgets at re-boost.
God bless.

Visit my sponsor: Reboost

Happy Grand Parents Day

I won’t say a lot words… I just want to great my grandparents a happy “grand parents day”. Well, we all really valued our grandparents so this post and space is for them- to give honor to our grandmothers and grandfathers.

Happy Grand Parents Day to my grandmas...

Keep going. God bless.

Early Christmas Greeting Cards

It’s “ber month”!!! Can you smell the scent of Christmas? Usually, the month of September is the start of the Christmas season. For me it is the perfect time to plan your holiday events and vacations for your Christmas break. It is also a perfect time to send Christmas cards in advance- be the first to greet your loved one a “Merry Christmas” in advance.

Since we are all excited for Christmas, I’ll make you more excited by daring to give personal touch and customized Christmas Greeting cards today. Checkout some great greeting cards in the net. With fast shipment and high quality printed cards, you can send early greeting cards. Send your warm greetings and feel the warmth of Christmas. Early Christmas cards is very appropriate to send regards and hello to your loved ones this September.

Now a day, through technology people just send advanced Christmas greeting through electronic cards. But for me, I truly appreciate if someone will send me cards (personal cards) with its personalized message on it. So start making your personalized message and cards today and let your loved ones feel the warmth of Christmas. Send high quality cards today with fast delivery and shipment.

Advance happy holidays and God bless to us. Enjoy your weekend.

Famous Day: Talk Like a Pirate Day 2010

Do you know that today is a Talk Like a Pirate Day 2010?

“Talk Like a Pirate Day” is a periodic holiday famous during the 1995 by Mark Summers and John Baur of Portland, Oregon.

Annually, people around the globe celebrate this day. For me, I find it as a weird holiday. Talk Like a Pirate Day is famous around the globe every Sept 19th. Usually people around the world usually and must converse like a pirate or linguistic talk like pirate. They call it a "pirate accent". Instead of saying hello, since it is talk like a pirate day, they will say it “Ahoy, me hearty!” See, it’s really weird holiday.

Here are some of the pirate illusory pirate sayings (I don’t know how it pronounce and what does it mean):

-"Avast belay, yo ho, heave to,
-A-pirating we go
-Avast, there!"
- “Rrrr!"
-Polly wanna a cracker?
-Aye, aye, captain!!!
-Ahoy Matey!!!

… and many more.

Do you know how it started? Check out Talk Like a Pirate Day Background and History. Well, I cannot elaborate it well.

“Ahoy, me hearty!” meaning “hello” to you. Keep going everyone. God bless.

Real Experiences of a Teacher

Finally, I’m almost done with my practice teaching course. I’ve already made 20 over 21 lesson plans and I still have to finish some narrative reports.

Speaking of narrative reports, this experience is truly an unexplainable experience that even narrative reports cannot relate. There is this kind of feeling where in you feel like you were stressed and yet you were still enjoying what you are doing. They say, being a teacher is like being a candle “you consume yourself to light others”, and it is definitely true. You will prepare your lesson, master it and make used of visual aids and yet during your class students were all lazy and busy talking that they don’t get the lesson you’ve prepared- quite annoying right? Seeing your students being passive is kinda discouraging.

But don't loose hope,that's why we are called teachers because we are there to teach- proper values and knowledge. You have to indulge it. Because it's the profession we chose, you have to make your best out of it. Be passionate and care- just love teaching.

me and my students

I have a lot of things and experiences to tell but I’ll some up it with these phrases… “it’s genuine”. People sees it as an ordinary profession, but for us teachers and "teachers to be" it's EXTRAORDINARY.  Everyday gives you something new and unforgetable  experiences. For me, it's noblest job.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps for Moving and Rescuing

It is raining so hard outside. I don’t feel like going out because of the bad weather. In times like this, you can usually see stranded cars into a flooded street and sometimes flashfloods really cause you to move.

In this critical condition, where storms were approaching, and in times of calamities it is really advantage to prepare moving equipments like
ratchet straps, recovery straps and tow straps that has high quality and a heavy duty equipment- it has a Break strength that can cargo from 20,000-400,000+ lbs. You may also check out moving or shipping equipments like d ring that will be used in mounting and keeping heavy equipments in place.

So, checkout some new moving and recovery equipment and always be prepared.

Keep going everyone and enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trendy Handbags to Maintain Your Poise

How to maintain your poise?

It’s my last week in my practice teaching. Well probably being in a field where we were assigned made me stress always. Teaching is really one of the honorable professions but it really requires patience as well as self-esteem to survive in this profession.

Well, we all have the opportunity to become a teacher but only few choose to do so. You can see teachers handing handbags, file case with test papers, lesson plans inside it. Actually this how I picture out a teacher could be- it’s really stressful. Though you’ve been in a situation, which is prone to stress, don’t allow yourself to make you really dreadful.

Here are some of the tips that could be very helpful to us…

Wear clean and proper uniform or attire to maintain your poise. You can make use of some cheap designer handbags to make you fashionable- lately I put some scarf in my handbag to make it trendier. But of course you can always checkout some well-designed white Fendi spy bagMiu Miu replica bags to play with your different outfits or different styles of teacher’s uniforms. The site seems to be so interesting for me because of my busy schedule you can purchase trendy bags online and do online payment- that’s how easy it works.

You can find in their site these trendy bags:

(For me choosing the right stylish bags really matters).

And lastly, always wear make-up to freshen your face and perfume to enhance your refreshing smell.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Hayden Moss is the Big Brother Season 12 Winner

What is the hot trend for today?
Well, definitely its Hayden Moss of Big Brother season 12 winner- aired in CBS in the US.

Hayden Garrett Moss is a 24 year-old college student from Tempe Arizona is the latest Big Brother Season 12 winner. Actually I’m a fan of Big Brother shows but I never had the chance to watch it due to my busy schedules. Online updates will help. So, I just found out from all the bloggers in the world blogging and buzzing online about Hyden. He won as Big Brother house guest winner last September 15. In his age, he just won $500,000. Yeah, that’s a great amount of money and come to think of it he had already reach the stardom in the US in his young age- you cannot deny his charm really helps.

Hayden Garrett Moss a 24 year-old
Outgoing, charming and cool.
A Certified Big Brother Season12 House Guest Winner!
Enjoy my post.

Keep going. Happy weekend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real State Software for Realtors

I just browsed almost hundreds of websites in the internet everyday or sometimes in a week. Knowing I’m just one in a million or billions of people who access in the internet everyday. Come to think of it, an internet browsing and using web site is one of the most effective ways to advertise and improve your business.

Everybody knows that online internet can access millions of people around the world. That is maybe the reason why there are a lot of businesses that were established and became successful online.

Now a day, one of the booming businesses in the world today is a real estate business. That’s the reason why
web sites for realtors were made to help the real state businesses to build up their biggest target market and customers- the internet users.

real estate web hosting is considered as one of the best and possible solution for realtors to improve their site’s traffic and drive more visitors or customers. So check out and make a right decision in choosing the best real estate web software today. Provide Real Estate Websites to Professionals world-wide through real estate web hosting.

I hope that this post will help you extract some juices to help you in your real state business.
Keep going and God bless.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Make People Smile, Send Flowers Today

Whenever I receive flowers from someone, I really feel like I’m special. I don’t know but it really made me smile.

How about you, do you send flowers to your loved ones? As far as I can remember, I only give flowers every mother’s day and it really made my mom smile- usually one stalk of rose every mother’s day.

I found this site so interesting. You can
send flowers through online purchasing. Send your grand parents too- this is the month for a “Grandparents Day” make them smile by sending flowers to them.
Here are some flower decorations I just browsed from the net.

Here are some of my top favorites:

Make people smile with this
Happy Day Bouquet

Birthday Flower Cake for any birthday occasions- it is cool and unique .

you can send flowers for your sick family member or a friend... make them feel well... send them
Lotsa Love Flowers

or just simply send flowers saying that "you're in my mind" is a great thing to do choose this cool relaxing
Strawberry Floral Margarita for a surprise.

and celebrate newly born babies with this
BaBEE Layette Bouquet. A best gift to celebrate a precious baby.

Here's how they can help you in choosing the best gift, you can really chat to the site's representatives.
I hope this post really helps you. The next time you look for gifts to give, you will no longer worry what gifts to give. A representative from the site can help you answer your questions and suggest on what gift to give. I swear I've tried to chat one of the site representative online and they really give me the right information and suggestions on what gift to give for a specific occasion. These gifts can be purchased online and it can be ship into your doors.

Keep going everyone I hope I’ve send you a smile today. God bless.


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