Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Time is It? It’s Jacques Lemans Time

This is what I usually ask to my co-practice teacher every time I wish to finish my duty in that school where we were working at- that’s my usual expression every time I was bored. Asking time is my simplest way to say… “How I wish time will run fast so that I can go home in our house early and sleep”.

For me, time is really important if you have a lot of work to do- making lesson plans and test papers. Actually, wrist watch is one of my important things to wear before I go to school and teach. I always make sure that I use and manage my time well. Having jacques lemans watch would be very awesome. It’s cool and stylish design will really capture ones attention. Well, we all really love to catch attention. Jacques lemans were really made to fit fashion and fit professionals. There quality designs and professional look really fits for me- well I am one of those aspiring teachers.

I used to have an old wrist watch design for teens I think it is no longer matches my profession right now. Every day I wear formal dress and it would be very cool to match it up with jacques lemans watch- a total fashionable and formal watches. I wish to have that kind of watch too.

Keep going everyone.

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