Thursday, August 05, 2010

My Teaching Experiences: First Demonstration

first impressions lasts

Being a teacher is never that easy. You are facing with different kinds of people. You are standing in front of many people and seeing different eyes looking at you. My first teaching experience during my "practice teaching" or some called it OJT was really unforgettable. I had a sore throat at that time. I had a hard time handling my grade 7 students. I’ve discussed the same topic from 6 AM to 11:10 AM with different students (different section). Discussing the same topic for almost 5 hours straight was a little bit tiring, but rewarding.It's rewarding because some of the students are very fun to be with.

I realized that teaching is not an easy job. I swear. You have to deal with different attitude, different character and different needs. Many times I loose temper in front of the students. I am in the high school department so I'm dealing mostly with brat students- you know teenagers' thing, though. I can’t believe how a teacher could survive in that kind of job.
In my practice teaching experience, it gives me a complete background of my future self. And I could see myself doing the same thing six years from now. Oh, I hope it won't be that worst when that time comes.  It might be hard but I know that God will help me.

To be a teacher, you have to build up your self-confidence. Don't allow students to know that you are not prepared or nervous. Because if you do, you just give them a hint to not to listen to you. Show to them that you know better than them. But don't hide your heart. Still, be compassionate, show your care and love to them. Imparting something isn't limited in material things and knowledge. It always goes along with proper values and morals. 

 I'll gonna share to you a little bit of my demo experience. Finally, the final day had come. I'll gonna showcase my teaching strategies to my students and my cooperating teacher. At first, I chose my let's say "my favorite topic". You have to choose your favorite to gain extra confidence in discussion (because it's a big factor when you know what you are talking) *wink. Second prepare your visual aid that well. Don't under estimate the power of visual aid- whether its a power point presentation or just a piece of "cartolina"- be creative. It's  A+ factor. Your visual aid reflects your personality. Don't overly decorate it. Be minimalist at the same time creative. Then, the most important, prepare your Lesson Plan well. Do it ahead of time- don't rush. You can create a great and awesome lesson when you prepared it earlier. Know your objectives, make your motivation relevant to the topic and prepare a "student-centered" lesson. Let them work and explore. You are dealing with 21st Century learners so as with your approach. And lastly, do evaluation- prepare your rubrics of course.  Last thing I'll gonna suggest-- wear your smile and clothed yourself with self-confidence. And don't forget to pray and ask guidance from the Lord.

Practice teaching is just a training ground for us as aspiring teachers. I hope I can learn more from this experiences to improve more of my teaching strategies and style.

Keep going and God bless.

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