Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Teaching Experience: Checking Test Papers

Before, I don’t really know how it feels to be a teacher checking student’s test papers until I’ve experienced it personally. I thought my teachers before really loves to marked “x” (using her red ball pen) all our test papers. I don’t know but felt like teachers really love to see there students struggle too much in their class.

Now that I’m doing my practice teaching, I was really affected every time I’ll mark my student’s paper with letter”. If my students failed in there exams, that means that I’m not an effective teacher. It means that I never imparted my knowledge properly.

Now I’m facing with a bunch of school test paper to correct. I’ll be busy checking or let me say “making x” with there papers- I hope it’s going to happen.

Keep going everyone and God bless. Enjoy your weekend.

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