Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Mentor

I want to give all the credits and a ‘special thanks” to my beloved mentor in blogging. His name is Marky. Actually, he’s my cousin at the same time my mentor. Before, I don’t really know about blogging until he gave his time and effort to teach me about it. Now, I can probably say I have reached 1 year in blogging- and it is because of him.

this is one of my favorite (Fresh Fruit andCandy Gift Basket)

Today, he will turn 22 and it is my honor to give thanks to him. For a special someone like him, he really deserves the best gift that I could ever explore net.
Check out some gift baskets today.

I really want to give him these gift baskets treats because:
- it is unique and I know he loves unique items
- I value his effort in mentoring me
- He deserves a special treat in his special day
- it shows gratitude and gift of love
- and the last is… he is special and he deserves it

I received gift baskets with grocery items before- that was Christmas time- and it made smile. I know he will smile too- seeing those lovely gift baskets with fruits, picnic baskets or even Happy Birthday Caramel Apple with Candies.
Again, I want to say happy birthday to my dear cousin. Thank you for being a good mentor to me. God bless.

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