Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hair Loss Problem? Checkout Hair Loss Treatment Online

It’s been a very hot afternoon here. Usually, hot weather causes hair split ends. For others, they suffered hair loss due to hot weather. Yeah, my uncle really suffered hair loss when he reached in the age of 40. Hot weather really triggers hair loss. Through technology, these beauty problems can be resolve.

That is why, today, there is hair loss treatment that was developed to help those people who suffered in hair loss. Checkout the different hair loss treatments in the net and learn about hair transplant today. This is not just for men it is also applicable for women. It sounds really fun knowing that there are already forum sites that talk about hair loss and prevention. Hair loss forum today is really helpful in hearing more about the different opinions and treatment of hair loss. It is quite helpful when you reached out to those people who had been in a “bad bald hair” but now it has been well-treated.

So i rather check it out to learn some helpful tips and blog it here. Somehow, it is helpful for my uncle too- to treat his baldness.
Keep going everyone and God bless. Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Pageant

The 59th Miss Universe pageant had finally crowned the queen. The prestigious event was held in at the Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – August 23, 2010. This event was said to be one of the prestigious beauty pageant in the history.

This year 2010, the potential and aspiring beauty queens had finally owned their crowns. This year’s Miss Universe 2010 winner and runner-ups had finally revealed.

Miss Universe 2010 top 5
Miss Universe 2010
Mexico - Jimena Navarrete

1st Runner-up
Jamaica - Yendi Phillipps

2nd Runner-up
Australia - Jesinta Campbell

3rd Runner-up
Ukraine - Anna Poslavska

4th Runner-up
Philippines - Venus Raj

Congratulations beautiful ladies. Your country as well as your family is proud of you.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mesmerizing Salt Lamps Decor

I am so stressful lately. I can’t help it but I am too pressured to finish all the work on time.

Check out one of the best decor to help people to relax and mesmerize their eyes with these unique Salt Lamps.

Enjoy and keep going. God bless.

Interesting Themed Bedrooms

I was so tired from my school work. It is my third week in practice teaching and it is time to compute the students’ grades. I think I have to rest in my room for a while and take nap. I’m glad that mom cleaned my room.

So, I rested and slightly browsed the net and I was really fascinated with the Themed Bedroom in the net. Oh, how I wish I could have the chance to rest and enjoy in these wonderful “themed bedrooms”.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Time is It? It’s Jacques Lemans Time

This is what I usually ask to my co-practice teacher every time I wish to finish my duty in that school where we were working at- that’s my usual expression every time I was bored. Asking time is my simplest way to say… “How I wish time will run fast so that I can go home in our house early and sleep”.

For me, time is really important if you have a lot of work to do- making lesson plans and test papers. Actually, wrist watch is one of my important things to wear before I go to school and teach. I always make sure that I use and manage my time well. Having jacques lemans watch would be very awesome. It’s cool and stylish design will really capture ones attention. Well, we all really love to catch attention. Jacques lemans were really made to fit fashion and fit professionals. There quality designs and professional look really fits for me- well I am one of those aspiring teachers.

I used to have an old wrist watch design for teens I think it is no longer matches my profession right now. Every day I wear formal dress and it would be very cool to match it up with jacques lemans watch- a total fashionable and formal watches. I wish to have that kind of watch too.

Keep going everyone.

A Pouch to Conceal

Oh, really every time I see man with guns that really scares me. I’m a little bit frightened especially if he is not in his police uniform. That means he is not authorized to bring that gun. That was my first mentality before I was educated that there are people today who purchased licensed gun for their protection and self-defense and also for sports like target shooting and etc.

So, what’s up with this magazine pouches? Actually it really helps to conceal gun magazine. This is also used for safety purposes. Always ensure safety in your environment. Most important, guns and magazines are kept so that civilians and children should not see it. Always remember do not use your gun to enforce power or to be superior from the other. You should make good or take in charge that even young children could not see it in your side pocket.

Always remember, be a responsible adult especially to the children who will be influenced by you.

Keep going and God bless.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Need of a Chi Flat Irons for an Extra Hair Makeover

Now, this is what my hair looks like. Actually I had a curly and shaggy hair before but I usually straight or do “hair rebond” in the salon every three months. Now that I am too busy so I need chi flat irons to help me fix my hair. I also need hair cutting shears to make good of its cut.

A hair flat iron and hair cutting shears will surely help me solve my “bad-hair day”.

Keep going and God bless.

A Ratchet Straps for Moving

Oh, it’s been two weeks now since we had a low internet connection in our area. I don’t know what is going on but probably it is because of the typhoon in our place.
If I could just evacuate and transfer-with ratchet straps- it would be very easy to bring all my things specially my PC. The cargo bar and d ring would be very great to lock up and mount for any truck in my moving. If I had a chance, I really wish to find the best place where I can find good quality connection.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

A Need for a Moving Blanket

Definitely I was stressed from my two weeks in practice teaching. How I wish I could find the best place to relax and release all the stress I got from my practice teaching. I want to explore the nature. Mountain escapade or beach hopping would be a great idea. With moving blanket with me, surely it is going to be great exploration. With all the hardships and stressful work I had, probably, I need moving supply to pack up all my things or even a turnbuckle to help me bring all my cargo and stay there for one year.

Keep going everyone.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Teaching Experience: Checking Test Papers

Before, I don’t really know how it feels to be a teacher checking student’s test papers until I’ve experienced it personally. I thought my teachers before really loves to marked “x” (using her red ball pen) all our test papers. I don’t know but felt like teachers really love to see there students struggle too much in their class.

Now that I’m doing my practice teaching, I was really affected every time I’ll mark my student’s paper with letter”. If my students failed in there exams, that means that I’m not an effective teacher. It means that I never imparted my knowledge properly.

Now I’m facing with a bunch of school test paper to correct. I’ll be busy checking or let me say “making x” with there papers- I hope it’s going to happen.

Keep going everyone and God bless. Enjoy your weekend.

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What about Gold Investment?

I was wondering why there are people who are investing gold, bullion coins and silver. They usually consider it as there reliable assets. Due to economic uncertainty people now a day invest in gold and silver because this is one of the investments where it never deteriorates its value. It also offers a stand-alone value- so they consider it as positive asset.

I just learned about
Gold investment and collecting gold and silver would be very beneficial. Open and check out on how to buy precious metals from Goldline. Take time talk to Goldline Account Executive- its either you will ask questions or complete your account and storage agreement and then you can confirm and pay your Goldline investment. That’s how easy investing gold can be.

How about you, do you wish to invest gold too?

Keep going.

Try to Shop Online and Save Bucks

This is my second week in my practice teaching and I need a new black leather shoes. My old shoes were ruined. I am too busy that I can hardly find time to buy leather shoes in the super malls and some of the reason is it is too expensive.

We all need to find an alternative way to shop. We need to shop where in we can greatly save bucks. I know a site where you can shop with great
Savings and it is to shop online. Just check out some shopper's coupons and see how you can save your money. For me, I find it more interesting where in you can save 20% off for footwear by just using some of there coupons. Check out your codes today and experience great savings online.

Shopping online is one of the easiest and comfortable ways to shop. Many had tried online shopping and they guarantee big saving in every item they purchased. How about you? What do you typically use coupons for? Shopper’s coupons are really beneficial especially specially now that we are facing economic crises today. Save today and be a wise shopper. What you need is just right here in your PC- connect and shop online using coupons.LOL. I really enjoyed browsing and selecting some consumer’s discounted items.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet my New Buddy

Good night everyone. I’ll try to sleep early tonight because I still have classes (for my practice teaching) tomorrow at 6 in the morning. So I have to rest now. Starting today, all my alarm clocks had batteries. One of this days it would be one of my buddy.

So, keep in touch in my post always. I’ll be back tomorrow to blog about my experiences and more about me.

Keep going and God bless.

Make Their Life Easier with NMEDIA

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was wandering around the city yesterday and I saw a lot of people who are too busy in there lives that they have already forgot to wear there smiles. They look so problematic. Then I saw a handicapped man crossing the street. He was wearing an artificial leg. When he was crossing the pedestrian, the shoe in his artificial leg was detached. He just picked it up and continued walking the street. In that scenario, I just realized how people struggled too much in there life’s problems yet they forgot to thank God for there complete legs.

You know, I really feel amazed and encouraged by those handicapped people who endures there situation and lived just like an ordinary person did. I was also amazed on how
NMEDA helps and assist those people who are handicapped. NMEDA is not a company who sells equipment and vehicles for diasabled people but they are the one that promotes safe driving and equipment for disabled people. NMEDA dealers are the ones who sell handicap vans and vehicle modifications for disabled people.

NMEDA has Dealers AND Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers.
NMEDA dealers (members) are the ones who sell vehicle modifications and handicap vans for disabled people. No two disabled person have the same needs. They varies depending on there situation that is why NMEDIA dealers is there to help you in a personalized “in-person” evaluation. Now you can assure you are getting the right driving solution that customized and fits to your specific lifestyle and needs.

The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry in order to satisfy customers consistently.
Do you have loved one who suffered in living a life normally? Provide them a safe and reliable vehicle that will be accessible for them. Checkout your nearest NMEDA dealer s in your place by visiting and typing your zip code in there site.

Keep going and God bless.

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My Teaching Experiences: Colds and Muscle Pains

‎...nobody wouUld know what kind of life a teacher has... unless he becomes one... ^^,

Hello friends, this is my second week of my practice teaching but I think my body will almost give up. I thank God for the strength. Though I’ve been experiencing colds, body pains and a little bit fever but still I managed to do my task and enjoyed God’s greatness. I thank God for the strength and the life that He has given to me.

Practice teaching really causes me sickness but God is my healer so enjoy life and keep going.

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Get Started with Hub Blog Hosting

I just started practice teaching last week and for sure you are curious what are my experiences and impressions to the students and to this kind of work.

Well actually, I had colds and body pains so you’ll probably know the kind of work I had last week. There’s a lot of pressures and loads of work like checking there assignments and quizzes. So you see? I have no more time to work for my blog now.

We all know that in choosing the best blog host, it would be very helpful in developing your blog’s rank and statistics. Just check out this Web Hosting Hub's
blog hosting and probably it would be very helpful when you start a new blog. It’s simple and it is one of the easiest ways to get your blog online. Start your domain now and enjoy the benefits and additional features. In getting started with your blog, you can choose your domain name for free and you can easily customize your blog when it comes to different themes, skins and plug-ins.

See? Blogging is not really a burden at all. It is easy to start your blog online. Acquire good statistics and blog rank by just choosing the best web host.

Enjoy blogging and busy schedules are not a hinder in acquiring good blog statistics and blog rank.

Keep going and God bless.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Making A Good Start

My lifestyle had changed ever since I’ve started my practice teaching. I used to wakeup every 11AM in morning but now I have to be awake at exactly 4o’cklock in the morning to prepare for school. Our class will start at 6 in the morning.

Hey, it would be better to prepare and take a bath early in the morning if I had this cool and stylish
Bathroom Furniture at home. When I browsed it in the net, all I can say is… wow! How I wish we could have this kind of Bathroom Vanities at home. You, know taking a bath is one my favorite thing to do every morning. I spent so much of my time in bathing. It’s great for me if I could give more style and character to our bathroom. Bathroom Cabinets and wall-mounted vanity would really be a great help to keep your bathrooms more clean and tidy and more lively.

make a good start in the morning with your bathroom furniture

These bathroom accessories and furniture, in accordance with the latest trends and styles, would give me a great start every morning. Bathing in the morning would be very fun and help me unleash all my stresses I got from yesterday.

I love to drop this post and introduce it to you because I know you all needed it in your daily bathroom use. I think these could be very helpful to unleash our stress and have great start in the morning.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sweet Scented Sunday

Have a “flowery Sunday” to everyone. Here are some flowers for you…

... and my simplest way to make you smile. :)

If I could make these flowers for real, I’ll give it all to you to express a great gratitude for visiting me in my site. So, I hope you’ll continually visit me. I wish you will like my sweet flowers specially posted for my special reader like you. Again, happy sweet-scented Sunday to you.

Enjoy your Sunday and God bless.
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Do Your Sink Stinks?

Happy weekend everyone!

I woke early this morning so I had the chance to clean the house and help mom do the household chores. It is good do cleaning as a sort of exercise plus, I made my mom happy. There’s one thing I don’t usually want to do… it is to clean our sink because it really stinks. I wish to change it with stainless steel sinks because it is easier to clean than the ordinary sinks- like tile sinks. In stainless steel sink it is smooth plus it has filters to avoid having a clogged kitchen sink. How about you do you wish for stainless steel sink too?

Keep going and enjoy doing the household chores. God bless.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Need for Customize Prescription SunGlasses?

It is already midnight and I’m still in front of my computer desktop. I know it is not a good habit at all. Too much exposure to the computer can really cause you sore eyes. That is maybe the reason why I can’t stay longer under the heat of the sun- because my eyes really sore eventually.

Too much heat of the sun and exposure in the computer desktop will really worsen your eye sight. That is why finding the best prescription sun glasses is a hassle. Just like me, there are people- who usually wear prescription glasses- had a hard time in finding prescription sun glasses in the malls and boutique. Actually, it is expensive but we all need sunglasses to protect out eyes.

I used to hit this site in the net that is popular in selling prescription glasses and good thing to know, they also have prescription sunglasses. You can just simply select and customize the tint and tint color whenever you made your order. It is hassle free because all transactions are made online. You can select tinted lenses for as low as $4.95 in price.

this is some of the affordable and stylish glasses today

I hope this post will help you in your struggles in finding prescription glasses. This would be a best option for us to have tinted glasses in the easiest and most convenient way.

Keep going and God bless.

Happy Birthday to My Mentor

I want to give all the credits and a ‘special thanks” to my beloved mentor in blogging. His name is Marky. Actually, he’s my cousin at the same time my mentor. Before, I don’t really know about blogging until he gave his time and effort to teach me about it. Now, I can probably say I have reached 1 year in blogging- and it is because of him.

this is one of my favorite (Fresh Fruit andCandy Gift Basket)

Today, he will turn 22 and it is my honor to give thanks to him. For a special someone like him, he really deserves the best gift that I could ever explore net.
Check out some gift baskets today.

I really want to give him these gift baskets treats because:
- it is unique and I know he loves unique items
- I value his effort in mentoring me
- He deserves a special treat in his special day
- it shows gratitude and gift of love
- and the last is… he is special and he deserves it

I received gift baskets with grocery items before- that was Christmas time- and it made smile. I know he will smile too- seeing those lovely gift baskets with fruits, picnic baskets or even Happy Birthday Caramel Apple with Candies.
Again, I want to say happy birthday to my dear cousin. Thank you for being a good mentor to me. God bless.

Magkaribal (Rival): A Must See Drama

It’s weekend. I have to sit back and relax as I watched one of my favorite TV show. This is an Asian drama- a pure Filipino talents are casts of this show. This Philippine drama is entitled Magkaribal (Rivals).

Finally, Philippine TV shows made a good shot when it comes to Philippine drama. Actually, I’m looking for another taste from Filipino drama which is not a traditional way of setting up scenes and story line- so far, this Magkarbal drama is one of the best. I hope that they will not put so much twist- like the previous drama did- that the stories were ruined and they imposes violence, heart breaks, family quarrels, war.

I love the show. It is about fashion, romance, family matter and relationships, friendships, children and parent relationship and etc. I love the every lines and the characters made a great job in portraying there roles effectively and passionately. Congratulations to the ABS-CBN network and to casts... Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsey, Gretchen Baretto, Angel Aquino, Enchong Dee and Erich Gonazalez they really portrayed and gave us the great performances in there craft.

I’ll post more about the updates and the story soon. Keep going.
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are You Using High Quality Camera in Your Video Call?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our lifestyle is inclined with technology. Great innovation of technology is happening because most people rely more on technologies. Actually, my day-to-day experiences involve technology and one of it is blogging and using computer. There are times when we use technology as a medium for communication. For instance, I just learned to use Skype to communicate to my friends from other places.

An example of renovation of technology is the
faceVsion and FV ExpressCombo. These high quality cams develop and improve the quality of the video covers of your computer camera. Before, a lot of low quality web cameras are pixilated, sometimes un-available, low video and light quality and etc. Have your HD quality Skype video calls via FV touchcam N1. Checkout faceVision on line store.

Using the latest FV touchcam N1, it is much better to see your loved ones abroad with high quality video camera during your video chat or Skype chatting. It is not just for family use. Through online video call you can transact business meeting or interviewing your client with high quality camera. The FV touchcam N1 is the first Internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls. Don’t worry because FV touchcam is available through and other value added partners.

Some HD webcams sold in the market cannot stream true HD quality over Internet. Users cannot achieve HD quality internet video calls because of some low quality camera models. With the use of H.264 hardware encoder built in Touchcam N1 which is the chipset and a key to accomplish true HD quality video calls over Internet.
Good news, is running a back to school promotion for a cost of $10 of any purchase you made until 09/30/’10. Check it our using the promo code of FVTBTS2.

Keep going.
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My Teaching Experiences: Teacher's Weekend

Hey, how is your day? Well I’m glad it’s weekend tomorrow. This is going to be a long week for me. I have a lot pending works to do. First in the line is to check paper, record the students score, make lesson plans and make visual aids. Plus I’ll wash my teacher’s uniform tomorrow and I’ll study my lesson to be discussed on Monday. Actually I have to accept that this is the actual training for teacher. I’m no longer a student now but an aspiring teacher- so I have to act as a teacher.
I have already bought class records and all the necessary things in teaching. I pray to God that He will help me endure all this things.

Well, I’ll update my blog and posts about the events that happened to me in the school during my practice teaching. Keep going everyone. God bless.

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A Livable House with Oriental Rugs

In this rainy season like this, it is always good to stay indoors and watch TV or movies from DVDs. Usually we stayed in the living room- with my siblings- and enjoy the cold weather. How I wish could have oriental rugs at home so that we could just chill and sit down in the mat. Yeah, living rooms is really great if there’s some stylish mat like oriental rugs that will enhance the looks of you house’s interior designs. The rug designs are all in great quality that will make your home more livable and presentable for your visitors too. I also prefer having oriental rugs in my rooms so that I could invite friends confidently for our sleepover nights and bonding.

A close-up with there detailed designs

It is free shipping and it has available discounts so you don’t have to worry for its costs. Keep going and have a happy evening. Enjoy my mat posts.

God bless.

My Teaching Experiences: First Demonstration

first impressions lasts

Being a teacher is never that easy. You are facing with different kinds of people. You are standing in front of many people and seeing different eyes looking at you. My first teaching experience during my "practice teaching" or some called it OJT was really unforgettable. I had a sore throat at that time. I had a hard time handling my grade 7 students. I’ve discussed the same topic from 6 AM to 11:10 AM with different students (different section). Discussing the same topic for almost 5 hours straight was a little bit tiring, but rewarding.It's rewarding because some of the students are very fun to be with.

I realized that teaching is not an easy job. I swear. You have to deal with different attitude, different character and different needs. Many times I loose temper in front of the students. I am in the high school department so I'm dealing mostly with brat students- you know teenagers' thing, though. I can’t believe how a teacher could survive in that kind of job.
In my practice teaching experience, it gives me a complete background of my future self. And I could see myself doing the same thing six years from now. Oh, I hope it won't be that worst when that time comes.  It might be hard but I know that God will help me.

To be a teacher, you have to build up your self-confidence. Don't allow students to know that you are not prepared or nervous. Because if you do, you just give them a hint to not to listen to you. Show to them that you know better than them. But don't hide your heart. Still, be compassionate, show your care and love to them. Imparting something isn't limited in material things and knowledge. It always goes along with proper values and morals. 

 I'll gonna share to you a little bit of my demo experience. Finally, the final day had come. I'll gonna showcase my teaching strategies to my students and my cooperating teacher. At first, I chose my let's say "my favorite topic". You have to choose your favorite to gain extra confidence in discussion (because it's a big factor when you know what you are talking) *wink. Second prepare your visual aid that well. Don't under estimate the power of visual aid- whether its a power point presentation or just a piece of "cartolina"- be creative. It's  A+ factor. Your visual aid reflects your personality. Don't overly decorate it. Be minimalist at the same time creative. Then, the most important, prepare your Lesson Plan well. Do it ahead of time- don't rush. You can create a great and awesome lesson when you prepared it earlier. Know your objectives, make your motivation relevant to the topic and prepare a "student-centered" lesson. Let them work and explore. You are dealing with 21st Century learners so as with your approach. And lastly, do evaluation- prepare your rubrics of course.  Last thing I'll gonna suggest-- wear your smile and clothed yourself with self-confidence. And don't forget to pray and ask guidance from the Lord.

Practice teaching is just a training ground for us as aspiring teachers. I hope I can learn more from this experiences to improve more of my teaching strategies and style.

Keep going and God bless.

Why I love to Promote Area Rugs

I just came home from school and it is really tiring to go home while the rain keeps on falling and almost ruin my umbrella. The streets as well as our garden are flooded. I am not saying that I hate the rain but sometimes mud in our shoes is quite irritating. That is why mom just prepared a bunch of old clothes and used it as rug. Those “old clothes” rugs make me more irritated. While in fact there are always area rugs which are more elegant to look and it is indeed inexpensive in price. They just offered more affordable price for us- that makes me more eager to have it personally.

my favorite area rug design

Actually I really love to have it at home. Those rugs will simply add elegance that will surely match your interior designs and sleekness of your floorings. I really love to promote area rugs to you and to mom. To my mom, mom… please is great to use area rugs than “old clothes” rugs.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Looking for Assured Quality Services?

I really feel sick and tired with our internet connection. It’s been two weeks now since it stared to run slow and sometimes there is no connectivity. I had inquired all the service personnel and yet I never find the answer about our internet connection. That’s the reason why I cannot do the work that I supposed to do and all my tasks were all delayed (*sigh). I hope it will be resolve as soon as possible.

Sometimes we cannot assure on how our internet connection performs. But before I gone mad about our low internet connection, I just want to share to you about insurance leads where in you can surely assure complete and high quality services- surely it will never let you down. Actually in case of any health problems and any life-risk situation there you can find there helping hand in a form of medical assistance and life insurance. Well it is really helpful to us especially in our time where in everywhere you go is a danger zone like car accident, pollution, robbing, earthquakes, floods and any forms of violence and natural calamity that will risks our lives.
I hope this post will help you when it comes to good insurance services. Though, I had problems posting some of my post here but I hope I made a good shot in my blog posts today. Somehow, by posting this post, I can give you leads and advice when it comes to insurances.

Keep going everyone and God bless. Take care and thank you for reading this post.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Yummy Secret Menus Unveiled

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of ampm. All opinions are 100% mine.

I usually surf the internet and stayed late at night.One of my pas time is eating snack or usually they called it a “midnight snack”. I know you will really crave for what I will post for you. Here are some of the best menus here in the internet. 

Have you ever heard about ampm? You better checkout there site in Facebook and click there secret menu tab, surely you’ll love and crave seeing there different menus. You can find a lot of secret menus in secret menu tab. Here’s some of my favorites that makes you crave for more. Some of it are Tower of Torta, Hot Chihuahua, Italian Taco and many more.

Explore there Facebook secret menu tab

So have you chosen your favorite? You may also create your own menu and share it with us. Yeah, that sounds really great. We really look forward for it. You better check it and you may comment about your favorite item. You know your comment is really, indeed, helpful to enhance the items. New Yums coming out 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/30 so keep in touch and on August 2nd, you can create your own ampm secret menu. Don’t forget to tell your friends about it. Let’s have fun in sharing and experimenting on different menu. As you can see we all have the same habit- eating.

Keep going everyone. God bless and enjoy your day. Yummy!
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