Thursday, July 15, 2010

What about Bumbleebee Costume Party?

Hello friends, it’s good to stay at home. I really look for something that is fun to do. I’m blogging at home and a low internet connection still annoys me. I don’t know how to resolve this issue. Well, I was searching some fun sites to share.

I feel bad and irritated about the internet but still I was entertained though. Good thing that I found this cute little
Bumbleebee Costumes in the net. It really makes me smile. I don’t know but seeing those wonderful costumes made me reminisce my childhood. I really miss my childhood days. We used to wear different costumes using unused cloth. I played and dressed like a princess, a mummy and etc. how I wish we could play with my friends what we used to do when we were young- for sure I will really love to use this bumbleebee costume.LOL.

What about Bumbleebee Costume Party? It is totally fun.LOL.

Though, I never had a chance to wear it before but maybe I can wear some teen or adult bumbleebee costumes. Yeah I really enjoyed browsing because costumes are available in all ages. Well we cannot deny costumes parties are really fun. But I suggest bumbleebee costume party is much better and enjoyable.

I hope this post makes you smile. Keep going everyone and god bless.

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