Sunday, July 04, 2010

Seriously, Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health

Smoking is really unattractive. Every time I see handsome guys smoking, it really turns me off. I’ve been consider smoking as the worse thing a man can do to his reputation as well as to his health. I’ve grown up in a family who don’t smoke. My dad just quit smoking when he was a teenager- which I think most people can do also.

I used to ride in a public vehicle every time I go to school or go to the mall. It is so annoying to see people smoking near me or by just publicly smoke in front of us. I really get irritated every time I see old citizens inhale there smoke. I hate to see dad hanging out with our neighbors- who really smoke near him. Now that I knew about the risk it can cause in our body, the more I really want to inform everyone- especially my readers- about “second-hand smoking”.

The earth is really getting worse everyday- when it comes to air pollution. One of the cause of health complications today is due to smoking. It’s great if you have
insurance leads today because whatever happens, you can easily get health assistance anytime. But what if you don’t have it? Many people today are suffering lung-complications- now that the number of smokers are increasing.

We are considered as “second-hand smokers” because we inhale smoke or “secondhand smokes” from the smokers. And I just browsed lately that there is an additional dangers of inhaling secondhand smoke. The fact is, there are more health risk for those who inhale secondhand smoke from other smokers than the smokers itself.

Seriously, smoking is dangerous to dour health… for me and for you.

Keep going and God bless.


Papa Ces said...

Smoking is really bad. I know because I lost some of my loved ones because of smoking's harmful effects. I hope a lot of people will take care of themselves more and quit smoking if they do.

bonz for little zoie said...

I don't like people who smoke.
The irony of it, the 2nd-hand smokers gets the same bad effects, even they're not smoking!

buy viagra cheap online said...

Yes Papa Ces...i share the same feelings like you. I lost my father due to the constant smoking of cigars. He would have lived another 15 years more had he left it much before.

Anonymous said...

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