Saturday, July 31, 2010

Movie Watch: Letters To God

“Letters to God” is one of the inspiring and touching movies I’ve ever watched. The letter is addressed to God from Tyler. I’m very amazed on how the young child named Tyler who touches every heart of the viewers. The movie is based on the true to life story.

“Letters to God” shows the battle and faith of a child fighting against cancer. He never condemns God in his situation but instead he wrote letters to Him sharing his gratitude and prayers to Him. He wrote letters to God just like writing letters to his best friend. I’m very much amazed in the child’s faith and seeing things good and full of joy.

Join Tyler as he change the perspectives and faith of her mother, older brother, the mailman, his best friends, classmates and the people around him. Surely, two-thumbs up in this movie and highly recommend it to the kids and for the whole family.

Keep going and God bless us all.

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Ruby said...

wow! want to watch this movie soon...heheh... =D


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