Thursday, July 01, 2010

Movie Watch: Karate Kid

Well, hello my friends and my co-bloggers. I had really such a great day since yesterday. We have no class last Tuesday and its national holiday last Wednesday so I had a great day watching movies- together with my sister. So for some sort of movie here’s my short review in the movie “Karate Kid”.

“Karate Kid” is a two thumbs-up movie for me. Since I was young I always watch “karate” and “kung fu” movies but beyond those similarities, this movie could always be that special and interesting for me. Karate Kid is a remake of different movies with different casts- Kung Fu kids, Karate kid and any different Asian martial arts themes. Yet, the movie still gives different flavor on it.

And when it comes to the cast… well, Jackie Chan will always be Jackie Chan. I’m always his big fan. I watched some of his movies and I always laugh from the start of the movie until the end. But his role in “Karate Kid” is somewhat different because he portrays a serious role which is one of a kind. This time “Karate Kid” has been portrayed by a black-American child actor Jaden Smith. Well, one thing i wish to cut the scene is the kissing scene of the both kids- Jaden and a Chinese girl.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching it. Keep going and God bless.


jadedsecret said...

OMGBBQ! those kids kissed?!


jadedsecret said...

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Abhinav Rastogi said...

Karate Kid was such an awesome movie!! I watched it yesterday... Such a great message.. and the kid is really good at karate..
And rightly said, "Jackie Chan will always be Jackie chan".. :D

5 thumbs-up from my side!! (2 of thumbs are mine.. rest i will rent :P )

self defense west los angeles said...

I don't have much to say about the new Karate Kid remake that hit theaters this weekend, except that it's not very high on my list of summer movies, and I won't be running out to the multiplex to see it anytime soon.

Andrew Calandrelli said...

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