Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Internet Access in all Ages

Well, I had so much fun chatting with my friends and church mates in Facebook. It’s been a long time since I’ve opened my FB account and chat with my friends there. I think Facebook helps connect with people. Many people today find people in Facebook. Well, the same with me I find my schoolmates and my high school crush in Facebook- and as usual I’ve found them.

I’ve heard from a friend that 68% of Facebook users are Filipinos? Is that true? If it is, well I can say Filipinos are very friendly and really sentimental- in a sense that they still want to keep in touch with each other. The other side of the issue is… Filipinos are internet addict? Oh, no….

I think, internet really access in all ages of our population today.

I hope this post informs you because I did.
Keep going. God bless.


Christy said...

When my Grandpa friended me on Facebook I thought it was awesome! He is in his 80s and is catching up with people he knew in high school!

Pink*Jeep ebooks said...

Facebook is definitely so "in", it's what kept me from blogging for a while and just like you I've kept touch with many people I haven't seen in ages from relatives, dorm mates in elementary, board mates in college, high school classmates, bestfriends in each era, and ex-boyfriends (haha, can't get over that one). Age doesn't matter much when joining social networks coz it's simply fun!

I believe that Filipinos are so tech-savvy that we could be seen on Facebook, Multiply, Blogger, Friendster, Youtube and many others. I think that we have contributed via Internet to the success and popularity of Arnel Pineda, Efren Peñaflorida, Jr., Charice Pempengco and other Pinoys.

Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

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