Monday, June 07, 2010

Run out of Time and Budget for Blogging?

Honestly speaking, if you’re going to ask me how much money left in my wallet well I’ll probably say “I have only one-hundred (100 Php) pesos left”. Yeah, it’s quite little for my expenses for the whole week. The same with my bank account I have only two-hundred forty five (245 Php) pesos in my account. I don’t know how to budget my money and time for blogging- since tomorrow is the start of the class.

I’m also planning to search for the best
budget web hosting that can really help me up in my blog- since I’ll be busy in school starting tomorrow. We all know that the best for blog is to achieve a high traffic and to have great hits in the World Wide Web. And one of the helpful things is that you should choose the best web hosting for you. I know for sure, you have the same situation as mine. Through proper choice of web host, we will be able to do multi tasking- blogging and working either in the office or in school.

So, I hope this one will be a helpful tip for you who have greater responsibility and work these coming days. Keep going everyone and God bless. Keep it up and do great things. Value your time always.

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Anonymous said...

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