Sunday, June 06, 2010

My Hardworking Grandma

It’s the good start of the week. Today is the start of the class so I was a little bit excited but quite tired from last week’s vacation break. Actually we went in the province- at my grandmother’s house. I had a great time in my vacation. We stayed there for almost two weeks. That’s quite a long week of stay isolated in an island- no computer and internet signal at all. I brought a laptop at that time but I could find nowhere an internet signal on my broadband.

Even though I can’t find an internet signal at the province, I still enjoyed staying there. We really had a great tour in the island and honestly the views were great. Soon I’ll post more photos from our tour. One if the best thing in our vacation is that I met all my cousins, my uncles and most especially I spent time together with my grandma. Honestly she’s really old now. This is my grandmother.

She’s 84 years old now but I bet you, she can still climb up the hill. My grandma’s house was located at the hill. In her age she’s still very strong. But I wish she could have
insurance leads today to make sure everything well is okay. I wish her good health and good endurance. In her age, she’s still working at the farm- taking care of cows and planting- and it’s really hard for me to see her working. It’s really god to value your loved ones while they are still with you. Treat them with warmth and care. I hope you’re having good time and good memories with your grandmother. Enjoy your day.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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