Thursday, June 17, 2010

Job Search ? You Need Career Advice.

What’s the best job for me? I need best advices for my job. “

Definitely, many of you here doubted about there life after graduation. Actually I always did. I’m a fourth year student now, but I wasn’t able to graduate last April because of some complicated matters. This is the picture of me and my best friend Beth- wearing our toga and graduation cap. Yeah, actually we wear our graduation toga and cap in advance. We are still in the track were we can still call ourselves as “students”. But right now we are very much pressured that we will face in the future and that is “
job search”.

Many people were really pressured in finding a job now a day. I have cousins who left home and go out of the country or city to find a great job. But one of the worse feelings for them is “home sick”. They say, there’s no place like home. Right now, I still have one semester or few months to think of the possible job that I really want to have- it’s really a matter of choice actually. I really wish today that we can be more equipped about the things to do during our “job search” in the future. Definitely my cousin is pressured right now because he’s preparing for different “final interviews”. I don’t know but he was really confused if he will pursue this job. Some of you here feel the same too.

Just like any decision making, we all need some
career advice. We need an advice from our parents, from our loved ones and most importantly to the expert. When it comes to [professional advices, leave it to the expert. Read an interesting “must-read articles” that will help and give you tips on what to do in your job search. You will also see different articles about employment advice. You will know the “employment do’s and don’ts”, “keeping a job tips”, “life lessons” and any advices to keep you stay in your job. I really admire this site. This keeps you motivated in your job. It gives you lessons and advices to help you overcome struggles in finding a job and even inspirational thoughts to inspire you in pursuing and doing a great job. I really love to explore some articles that really give us advices about handling and be motivated in our job.

I hope that this post will help you in getting ready for “job search” real experiences. Find a job that you won’t feel you are working because you love what you are dong. Keep going everyone and God bless.


Andi said...

I found a free tool for college grads who have or graduated with a 3.0+ GPA that is used as a substitute for the basic resume and cover letter. It's actually worth checking out:

Job Career said...

How to chose career ? it is a huge question : For too many of us are searching for the career which we deem fun as well long-term is at itself one long journey. However to have one successful career at your life isn't just for the rich as well famous, it is also for the average person, like you!


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