Friday, June 04, 2010

Is Your Traveling at Risk?

Honestly I really like to travel and visit different places around the country but it seems that the “traveling thing” exasperates me– riding in a bus, car, and ship is what I really hate about traveling. I’ve concluded this thing based on my experiences lately.

I was a little bit afraid the last time we rode a bus going to Cagayan together with my mom and my sisters. We were traveling for almost one and a half hour. We were riding a bus just like riding a in a roller coaster. It’s a non-stop bus and the driver overtakes car and drove it really fast. At that moment I really promised not to ride the same bus again.

It’s great to visit different places but traveling from point A to point B is really boredom and most of the time it’s risky. It’s great if you have a life insurance and
full coverage insurance for your car. It’s really important to make sure that you have car insurance. Honestly I’m afraid, now a day, that there are irresponsible drivers and many car accidents are happening everyday. I hope that we always have the safest travel always. Keep going everyone and keep safe.

Enjoy your weekend. You still have remaining time to travel before the classes starts. God bless.

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