Sunday, June 27, 2010

JAmes Reid is the Pinoy Big Brother Big Winner

Congratulations to James Reid for winning the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010. With his good looks and a bubbly smile and great “accent” that surely makes him loved by many people.

Congratulations James.

Though, I never expect it that he’ll win in the Big Brother but its okay for me. Honestly I voted and expected Ryan Bang to win in that "reality show". But I have to admit, I'm a JAMLI fan (James Reid and Ann Li love-team fan).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glasses for Me

Hello, good morning.

I’m looking forward for a great day. I woke up late in the morning and again I watched television and play computer. I think it’s really a bad habit for me to wake up late and then play computer at the same time watch TV.

I can’t resist to be exposed to radiation. I think computer and TV is been a part of my daily life. I know that this might be the reason why I really need glasses in my age. I’m 20 years old now but I think in this early age I already need glasses for me to see and read clearly. I know we have the same habit too that’s why I’m recommending you to check out one of the best and affordable
glasses in the net.

Personally, I love to wear glasses just part of the fashion but in my habits I think I already need glasses as part of my daily life- in reading, in watching TV or even play computer. Though I cannot bring back the time where in I didn’t take good care of my eyes but I’m still looking forward for great glasses that can bring back my confidence. That’s why glasses really play a great role for young adults like me.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fuel Savings

It’s raining outside and it’s really a hassle to go to school everyday. I have only one subject left so I go to school and attend class for an hour and go home. I just wish to have my own car so that I will no longer worry about my fare and I will live hassle-free life.

It’s also a big advantage for us if we have a
Fuel Cards. It actually helps you save bucks in your annual fuel expenses- especially in fuel purchasing for your business. It’s really great and helpful especially now that we are facing economic crisis.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, June 18, 2010

HaPPy Birthday to My "True Friend"

Before this day ends, I would like to greet a Happy, happy birthday to my dearest friend Libeth. We’ve known each other for how many years now and still we become stronger and our friendship keeps us together. Truly this video speaks more on how we treasured our friendship.

We’ve known each other by CHANCE,
became friends by CHOICE,
still friends by DECISION and when we say FRIEND FOREVER,
that’s definitely a lifetime PROMISE.

This video is for you Birthday Girl. Happy Birthday Best friend. God bless in your life and keep going.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Job Search ? You Need Career Advice.

What’s the best job for me? I need best advices for my job. “

Definitely, many of you here doubted about there life after graduation. Actually I always did. I’m a fourth year student now, but I wasn’t able to graduate last April because of some complicated matters. This is the picture of me and my best friend Beth- wearing our toga and graduation cap. Yeah, actually we wear our graduation toga and cap in advance. We are still in the track were we can still call ourselves as “students”. But right now we are very much pressured that we will face in the future and that is “
job search”.

Many people were really pressured in finding a job now a day. I have cousins who left home and go out of the country or city to find a great job. But one of the worse feelings for them is “home sick”. They say, there’s no place like home. Right now, I still have one semester or few months to think of the possible job that I really want to have- it’s really a matter of choice actually. I really wish today that we can be more equipped about the things to do during our “job search” in the future. Definitely my cousin is pressured right now because he’s preparing for different “final interviews”. I don’t know but he was really confused if he will pursue this job. Some of you here feel the same too.

Just like any decision making, we all need some
career advice. We need an advice from our parents, from our loved ones and most importantly to the expert. When it comes to [professional advices, leave it to the expert. Read an interesting “must-read articles” that will help and give you tips on what to do in your job search. You will also see different articles about employment advice. You will know the “employment do’s and don’ts”, “keeping a job tips”, “life lessons” and any advices to keep you stay in your job. I really admire this site. This keeps you motivated in your job. It gives you lessons and advices to help you overcome struggles in finding a job and even inspirational thoughts to inspire you in pursuing and doing a great job. I really love to explore some articles that really give us advices about handling and be motivated in our job.

I hope that this post will help you in getting ready for “job search” real experiences. Find a job that you won’t feel you are working because you love what you are dong. Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our House Needs Renovation

Everybody really loves makeover- especially girls. Do you know that our house also needs a makeover? Our house is where we usually stay and relax after the tough and busy days in school or even in our work. That’s why many people really loves to make over and renovate there houses to make it good and look good.

This is our house. I’ve never posted it before because, definitely, our house is unfinished. Have you observed what’s lacking? Actually it’s the ceiling fan as well as the paint. That’s why I don’t want to stay at home at noon because that’s definitely one of the hottest places ever. Honestly, I really love to have that ceiling fan for our home. It’s great when you have it at home just like the Hunter Ceiling Fans that can really make your home more elegant. I used to visit some of my friends house and it really creates a good ambiance. I also used to see some Craftmade Ceiling Fans in the internet and I really love to have that one too.

When I have the time and money to renovate our house I’d love to have these fans at home. Have a cool evening everyone. Have a relaxing evening to all of you. Keep going and God bless.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation Break: My 8-Hour Travel

Hello friends here are my pictures from my vacation break. I’m really glad to find time to post these photos to you. Enjoy and have a happy week.

This is my first five hours of my vacation.

We were boarding the ship with my family.

Marinel, Malot and Me (my sisters)

pictures with mom and sister

with my dad and sisters

We were all exited at that moment. so watch out for another view and scenery as we landed in the beautiful island of Siquijor.

Keep going and God bless.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love that Never Fades

“True love never dies.” I really love seeing this photo it has great significance to me. Though our photos faded… though our hair will soon turns to gray but one thing is for sure, love will lasts to infinity.

Truly, true love lasts forever. Life fades so quite better to checkout the
Best Life Insurance Companies today. Sometime, we must face the fact and prepare for it. As long as we are living our life to the fullest and accept God as our Lord you will never face death with regrets. Insured your life today Check out Life Insurance Quotes and enjoy. It’s great to see sites that really prefer to help people through there Annuity insurance- a multi-purpose insurance contracts.

What a wonderful World. Always live it to the fullest. Keep going everyone and God bless.

Monday, June 07, 2010

What’s Up With the Weather Today?

What’s up with the weather today? Summer had ended but I can’t take the hotness of the weather today. Honestly, it’s really… really hot. I’ve been using an electric fan right now at the same time I’m holding a fan on my left hand. The hotness seems to be so annoying. Our house is not that well ventilated plus our curtains were color yellow- so it’s hotter when you stay inside our house. How I wish I could swim for a whole day in the pool.

I don’t know what’s happening in the weather now a day. It’s better if I have
Desktop Weather in the house so I’ll no longer predict what’s happening in the world. All I knew is that were experiencing global warming. That’s why it’s very important, and I’m wishing for it, to have Desktop Weather Software at home so I will be able track real time weather conditions with accuracy in different place. It’s also good for our own safety- to be prepared all the time.

I heard the news that the northern part of our country is experiencing heavy rain but why is it that’s its really hot here. I can’t even stay inside the house without electric fun- how I wish have air conditioner.LOL. I really wish that the weather in our country as well as the whole world will be back to normal. I probably want to eliminate global warming.

I wish all to have a great week- though the weather today is unpredictable. Keep going and God bless. Keep safe always.

Run out of Time and Budget for Blogging?

Honestly speaking, if you’re going to ask me how much money left in my wallet well I’ll probably say “I have only one-hundred (100 Php) pesos left”. Yeah, it’s quite little for my expenses for the whole week. The same with my bank account I have only two-hundred forty five (245 Php) pesos in my account. I don’t know how to budget my money and time for blogging- since tomorrow is the start of the class.

I’m also planning to search for the best
budget web hosting that can really help me up in my blog- since I’ll be busy in school starting tomorrow. We all know that the best for blog is to achieve a high traffic and to have great hits in the World Wide Web. And one of the helpful things is that you should choose the best web hosting for you. I know for sure, you have the same situation as mine. Through proper choice of web host, we will be able to do multi tasking- blogging and working either in the office or in school.

So, I hope this one will be a helpful tip for you who have greater responsibility and work these coming days. Keep going everyone and God bless. Keep it up and do great things. Value your time always.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

My Hardworking Grandma

It’s the good start of the week. Today is the start of the class so I was a little bit excited but quite tired from last week’s vacation break. Actually we went in the province- at my grandmother’s house. I had a great time in my vacation. We stayed there for almost two weeks. That’s quite a long week of stay isolated in an island- no computer and internet signal at all. I brought a laptop at that time but I could find nowhere an internet signal on my broadband.

Even though I can’t find an internet signal at the province, I still enjoyed staying there. We really had a great tour in the island and honestly the views were great. Soon I’ll post more photos from our tour. One if the best thing in our vacation is that I met all my cousins, my uncles and most especially I spent time together with my grandma. Honestly she’s really old now. This is my grandmother.

She’s 84 years old now but I bet you, she can still climb up the hill. My grandma’s house was located at the hill. In her age she’s still very strong. But I wish she could have
insurance leads today to make sure everything well is okay. I wish her good health and good endurance. In her age, she’s still working at the farm- taking care of cows and planting- and it’s really hard for me to see her working. It’s really god to value your loved ones while they are still with you. Treat them with warmth and care. I hope you’re having good time and good memories with your grandmother. Enjoy your day.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

A Text to Inspire: Countless Love

The thoughts of God towards you are as countless as the sand in seas. His patience is unlimited. And His love for you never changes. There is one thing that He can’t do, that is to “fail”. Fail to love you and fail to leave you.

Have a happy week everyone. God loves you so much.

I’m so blessed with this text message I’ve receive from my church mate. I hope it will also inspire you.

A Relaxing Family Bonding

Have a happy weekend everyone. Well I spent time bonding with my family together at the living room. We watched TV together at the living room. I’m very glad because our family can still find time to bond together. I always reassured every moments that we’ve been together always.

Honestly, I really want to have
Leather Sofas at home to make it more comfortable and relaxing for our family bonding. Yeah, we had sofas made up of bamboos so it's quite hard type sofa. I’d really love to have a new set of living room Furniture at home and enjoy the moment with your family. It’s really great to have this at home. How about you?

Enjoy the moments with you family. Keep going and God bless.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hard Drinker?

“The life of an untreated alcoholic all too often winds up in one of two places – prison or a premature death. “ I’ve got this quote from an important website I’ve browsed in the net. This quote really caught my attention.

I know that it is really true based on what I’ve observed in my environment. This is the reason why I really want to impart to you that alcohol addiction is really a big issue that really matters most. Usually when we see our loved ones addicted to alcohol we consider it as a normal thing, but it’s not.
My cousin had a motorcycle accident because he was drunk. My uncle had a big fight- almost risk his life- to our neighbor because they were all drunk. That incident almost sends them to prison. Do you see the effects of addiction to us? It really causes a big trouble not just to our loved ones but also to us. That is why it is really important to take our part to send them to
alcohol rehabilitation center where they can really receive accurate treatment for there addictions. The patient will truly receive true counseling that can really help them overcome and quit to there habit. Honestly, for them, quitting is one of the hardest things to do.
It’s good thing to know that there are really solutions for this addiction. As a matter of fact, they also improved some of there ways of treatment. They also have a
dual diagnosis treatment. This is helpful for individuals who have both mental illness and substance abuse issues.
Don’t let this opportunity come to pass. As long as possible, if there is a chance, then let them receive treatments from the expert. Give to them a second chance to live a life away from addiction and let them experience a life to the fullest. And above everything, pray for them. God helps.

Keep going and God bless.

Summer Vacation Tour

I was too excited to post these photos from our tour last week. It seems that I was too excited to post it but I tired from last week’s vacation and event. So for now, let me post to you our first “eight-hour” travel going to the Island of Siquijor. Well that picture was taken when we were in the ship.

I will update you soon about our "one week vacation and tour".
Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, June 04, 2010

A Life Changing Place

Back to school time. I’m sad because my summer break had ended. Good thing because I just watched the news lately and it’s great that there’s a new law proclaimed in the “no smoking policy” in the public schools. Seriously I really hate smokers and they really irritate me- especially when they smoke in public places. I really hate because there are young children who can see them and there are people who can inhale there smoke.

I have friends and relatives who were known to this addiction and they said it’s really hard to say “no” and quit to their addictions. They really feel that they really lack something if they can’t smoke or even take drugs. They will always find ways to have it- even it causes them risk. Honestly, I really hate addict person like smokers, drug addict and alcohol addicts. Sometimes I really feel pity to them. If I have a chance, how I wish that I could send them to the
outpatient rehab. It is the place where they can start a new life. It is the place where they will be counseled and undergo some treatment. They would be able to turn away and quit from addiction.

California drug rehab is one of the best places for addicts. In the first glance, it seems that it is like a vacation house. But it’s more important than a vacation house because it can really touch and changes the life of a person. They will surely experience life changing experience, happiness and wellness even if they’re not participating in addictive behavior. They can have a pure recovery. It is the time for them to explore life to the fullest through counseling and real treatment.

You can’t resist in saying “no to addiction”? Then why not explore this opportunity for you and check out there site. I hope I can be a big help for you.
Keep going and God bless.

Is Your Traveling at Risk?

Honestly I really like to travel and visit different places around the country but it seems that the “traveling thing” exasperates me– riding in a bus, car, and ship is what I really hate about traveling. I’ve concluded this thing based on my experiences lately.

I was a little bit afraid the last time we rode a bus going to Cagayan together with my mom and my sisters. We were traveling for almost one and a half hour. We were riding a bus just like riding a in a roller coaster. It’s a non-stop bus and the driver overtakes car and drove it really fast. At that moment I really promised not to ride the same bus again.

It’s great to visit different places but traveling from point A to point B is really boredom and most of the time it’s risky. It’s great if you have a life insurance and
full coverage insurance for your car. It’s really important to make sure that you have car insurance. Honestly I’m afraid, now a day, that there are irresponsible drivers and many car accidents are happening everyday. I hope that we always have the safest travel always. Keep going everyone and keep safe.

Enjoy your weekend. You still have remaining time to travel before the classes starts. God bless.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Final Fantasy Couple

I can’t help but fall in love with this Final Fantasy couples. I really watched their music videos in you tube all I can say is wow. I’m in love. Everything is full of passion and fantasy. There is really a “kilig factor” there is a chemistry between them.

I hope you like my photos. I really searched and choose there best photos. I hope you enjoy. Have a great day. God bless.

Final Fantasy Couples

Tidus and Yuna

Cloud and Tifa

Squall and Rinoa
Feel the love... ♥♥♥

Amazing 2010 Chevy Camaro Accessories

When was the last time you said “wow”? For me I can say it many times every time I’m impressed on something. Usually I’m impressed when I see a new thing which is unusual or fascinating.

When I saw this auto picture, all I can say is “wow”. I think this is one of the best car accessories I’ve ever seen. It’s really great to see those fancy cars in the net. It’s really great on how it is being designed. This is brand new
chevy camaro accessories designed just right for your taste. It is a sports car– specially designed for this year 2010. The model, elegance, distinct look and advancement of technology really made it almost perfect. As technology upgraded, it amazes really me on how they upgraded their designs too.

Honestly, I’ve been wishing to have it personally. I can’t deny the fact that cars really fascinates. Get up-close with these latest chevy camaro accessories and enjoy the latest trends of accessories for your auto. I it’s really fun to change your auto accessories for a while and enjoy the new look and latest designs for your auto. I hope you had great time browsing for your favorite auto accessory- because I really did.
I hope you had a great time and you’ve enjoyed my post. Keep going everyone and God bless.

It’s Time for Relaxation

I’m done in my enrollment matters. I was a little bit irritated with our enrolment process but I’m glad because I’ve done in it in one day. There were times before when I'm doing my enrollment process for almost three days. Yeah, that’s irritating. Sometimes we really feel pissed off when we can’t get what we want on time. We always hurry things and we want to do it immediately. We always hurry up and forgot to enjoy things that are happening in us.

In life we should enjoy things- even if it is a worst thing or good thing. What is more important is you still enjoy everything that is happening in you. It is good that you can still smile beyond everything. You can sit still and relax. What are the things that can make you relax? I used to watch TV and drink wine. Usually people enjoyed drinking wine in there patio. It’s so relaxing indeed- chilling and relaxing for a moment. People would really tend to seek
wine clubs for best quality wines.

Don’t be drunk. Wine is supposed to be a health medications and helpful when you want to have a self-relaxation. Wines are helpful for your health- some doctors prescribed patient to drink wine- but not too much. I used to drink wine in a very special occasion. It’s great and tasteful and it can relax your feeling. Wines is very much appreciated when it is well-made. Try to visit wine clubs online and check out some of the best wines today. The wine clubs offers a world class wines and it’s good because they allow shipments.

So whenever you feel irritated, unease, stressed… always find ways to relax yourself so that you won’t feel sick. Always find time to relax. Enjoy your day and keep yourself free from worry and stress. Always wear your smile, relax and have a happy day.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


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