Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mobile Marketing: How it Works?

Have a great Friday to everyone. I’m wishing you all to have a great and happy weekend too. So far I’m enjoying my stay here at home. I always watch my favorite TV show. As much as possible I always keep in touch with the latest news and updates about this reality show here.
PBB teens

This weekend is the next eviction night, so keep on voting guys. By the way, who’s your bet to this favorite TV show “Pinoy Big Brother?” Have you already voted for your Pinoy Big Brother Teen Housemates? Well, we can’t deny that this reality show really hooked the TV audience. Voting for your favorite teen housemates is the most powerful way to save your favorite housemates when they are nominated-so keep on voting guys.
Truly, if you imagine how technology, computer and mobile generation invaded our generation today. That’s why technology uses this too to use this as form of marketing. The way to reach out people is to speak their language. Just loke
Cellit Mobile Marketing is doing today. If you are in abusiness, Cellit Mobile Marketing can set you up with your own 5-digit phone number. Juat like with the Pinoy Bog Brother voting system, they have there digit-numbers to let the voters and audience vote for there favorite teens.


It works with different
Short codes and sends and connects to your viewers or customers to your own 5-digit numbers. Cellit mobile marketing is very useful when you want to organize and promote some text marketing, promotion, text-to-win, voting or enquiry about your products. See, it really works and worthy to check out learn this kind of technological innovations.

This is another useful way in reaching out people.
So friends and Pinoy Big Brother fanatics or viewers, vote now for your favorite nominated housemates. Enjoy your weekend and keep going. God bless.

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