Monday, May 03, 2010

So Called Friends??

Definitely I enjoyed watching PBB “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010”.LOL. I’ve been in my teen and I’ve experienced that feelings too. Hangout with friends and especially to have crushes. Today’s edition is really cute because I can see some housemate that is really a replica of me when I was a teenager. It’s not about the image or the beauty but it’s the attitude- somewhat sweet and loving. Just like Ivan, I have also friend the same attitude as him. Even though we didn’t admit it but we felt something with each other. Well that’s my past life- but now we both separate in different ways without telling what I felt for him before. I hope this won’t happen to them- for Ivan and Fretzie.

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 2010 sweet hearts.
Fretzie Bercede and Ivan Dorschner

I love the sweetness and cuteness of this two--- so called--- friend?? LOL. Keep going everyone.

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