Monday, May 10, 2010

I Standup and Voted for Righteousness

Philippine national election is now over. Somewhat frustrating seeing those results announced on television. How I wish I could destroy our TV and escape in the reality in hearing and seeing the winning candidate. But I know God has greater plans above everything else.

Though we stumble, though we fall but our faith in Jesus Christ can never be forsaken by our enemy. I have voted wisely and I’ve voted the righteous leader but I think the problem is not in me but to the people who are still governed in the lust for money- they still allow people to buy their rights and precious vote. I am proud to say… I never ever let someone buy my vote- precious vote shows my dignity and my true stand in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh God, you are the only source of everything. I know you have perfect plans for all of us who are calling up your name. We will not entrust our life to corrupt leader but this time we will lift our eyes on you Lord. Hear our hearts cry and heal our land.

God bless everyone.


1 comment:

Inspirations Unlimited said...

I have the same sentiments as you have. Well, whoever wins, let's support them and cooperate. :)


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