Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Best Place for Arts

Have a happy Monday to all my friends and co-blogger. Well it’s another start of the week and I think most students today were busy enrolling. Yes, today is the start of the enrollment day. I think next month is back-to-school time. So, prepare and have a happy and smooth enrollment.

This is the first day of enrollment for all the freshmen. As I reminisce the past, I can still remember the time when I first enter into my school to enroll. I was holding a brown envelope- where all my school requirements were kept- knowing that this is really the start of my college life.

If you will ask me what I really want to get in college, probably you can sum it up in one word “ART”. I really want to up a course that is related to arts. Really, I’ll be interested in finding the best
art schools that can really suite me. It really gives me confidence that, someday, I’ll be enrolling another course that really satisfied my desires and interests. I really want to look for the best school. If you really look for a place where you will enhance your designing skills, industrial designs kills and all about photography- surely you’ll have the greatest desire to enroll in this academy where you can have it all. Academy of Art University is truly a prestigious school indeed.

I’m really a “frustrated-amateur" photography artist. In my very own special way I can express my emotion through photographs and artworks. That’s why if I have the chance I’ll go for the best of
photography schools today. You can also me interested in finding industrial design school- that can truly equip you with best skills in furniture and interior designing, fashion, fine arts and associate of arts.

This always remember, follow your dreams where you can fins joy and passion in it and for sure you will never regret in the end.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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nice post. thanks.


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