Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome Back to School

Back to School

Back to School!!

Back to school time. I'll be enrolling tomorrow and I hope that it's going to be fine and alright. God bless everyone and keep going.

Vacation Tour and Island Escapade

We’re back safe and fine. I was out in the blogosphere and away from the city because of my scheduled vacation in the province. We, me and my family, had a great time traveling for a vacation trip in my grandmother’s house in the province. That is an island where a lot of views and scenery you can observer when you’ll have a tour in the island.

I’ve been calling their province as an “island of paradise”. There are really beautiful views like different beaches and nature’s spring. It’s somewhat a great island and it really needs you a day to tour and enjoy in different views. How lovely if we went there with the new Nissan Rogue, Nissan Maxima. Select the best offers of vehicle today and enjoy the great views of your island tour.

Actually we really had a hard time in finding the accommodating vehicle for our tour. It seems that an ordinary auto will really lack the size. Some of my cousins and my aunties and other relatives joined us in our tour. I’ve really wished at that time to have Rogue Nissan large number of passengers. It would be very fun and enjoyable. I wish to have it and avail it and use it for our next summer vacation. What a total savings it would be if you consider those promos of Nissan car.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer vacation because I really did. I will be enjoying next summer break if I have those featured local offers of Nissan cars. Wow, what a great vacation if I have those car and tour around the whole province. Always enjoy everything you do and I hope you all have the chance to go to place where I had recently visited.

I’ll update you later about my vacation and tour. I’ll show you a lot of pictures from our tour with it’s different sceneries. Keep going everyone. God bless always.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It’s Good to Be Back Home

Hello, I just want to apologize to my entire blogosphere friend for being away for almost one and a half week. Honestly I really miss the blogosphere and posting some interesting post here in my blog. Well then it really feels good to go back home. I’ll post some of the interesting things we did in the province and my unforgettable experience their. I’ll just take some rest from our long trip.
Have a happy weekend to all of you guys. Keep going and I’m still here so I hope you’ll stay and keep in touch with my blog. God bless and I love you all.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Treasured Photos in Christmas

Hello friends, I was quite bored today in our house. Really I miss school time. I also miss my best friend Beth. Yeah I really miss her ever since our class had ended. It’s our summer break that’s why she went home at their province. Well then I miss the time we were together- everyday we used to see and crack jokes. We do really have fun together even when we were studying for our exams. Oh, I really miss my friend indeed. Though her loudness really annoyed me every time but the quietness of the day without her really makes me miss her.

That’s why I used to do some things that can really ease my boredom and the feeling of missing her. I’m glad to see this page. I really had fun browsing and making
photo Christmas cards. I really had fun doing it using with those funny photos of us. Really, indeed, Christmas is really one of the happy moments we’ve shared together.

I can say that every moment I’ll miss her I will keep on looking this photo and I’ll be fine. Sooner we’ll meet again during the “back-to-school” time.

Keep going and God bless.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Best Place for Arts

Have a happy Monday to all my friends and co-blogger. Well it’s another start of the week and I think most students today were busy enrolling. Yes, today is the start of the enrollment day. I think next month is back-to-school time. So, prepare and have a happy and smooth enrollment.

This is the first day of enrollment for all the freshmen. As I reminisce the past, I can still remember the time when I first enter into my school to enroll. I was holding a brown envelope- where all my school requirements were kept- knowing that this is really the start of my college life.

If you will ask me what I really want to get in college, probably you can sum it up in one word “ART”. I really want to up a course that is related to arts. Really, I’ll be interested in finding the best
art schools that can really suite me. It really gives me confidence that, someday, I’ll be enrolling another course that really satisfied my desires and interests. I really want to look for the best school. If you really look for a place where you will enhance your designing skills, industrial designs kills and all about photography- surely you’ll have the greatest desire to enroll in this academy where you can have it all. Academy of Art University is truly a prestigious school indeed.

I’m really a “frustrated-amateur" photography artist. In my very own special way I can express my emotion through photographs and artworks. That’s why if I have the chance I’ll go for the best of
photography schools today. You can also me interested in finding industrial design school- that can truly equip you with best skills in furniture and interior designing, fashion, fine arts and associate of arts.

This always remember, follow your dreams where you can fins joy and passion in it and for sure you will never regret in the end.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Donate and Touch Lives

I’ve been here bored and suck up in the house. Out of the blue, I’ looking for something interesting to do. Everyday, I open our computer checkout some of the best stuff to do. Sometimes we really empty handed, we really seek to so something interesting but yet we find nothing. I really want to do reasonable and worthy things we can do to make this life more reasonable and interesting.

Well, finally
Car Donations is one of the best thing you can do if you are too tired of car racing, socializing and doing out of town with your friends. I know most of you can relate with it. I’ve been observing the many youths today and I’ve serve what they have in common- they’re looking for satisfaction. They want to buy what they want- especially those wealthy children want to buy different cars. I tell you this. No matter what you do- the only thing that can really satisfy your happiness is when you know that you’ve helped others.

Yeah I tell you helping is such a wonderful thing you can do for others as well us to your self. When you can see the joy of the people around you, it’s totally a blessing. You can share your blessings through
Boat Donations, House Donations and support Youth Homes, young children and touch lives today.

Keep going and God bless.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Direct Marketing for Your Business

Hello friends and my co-bloggers!! It’s been a good day to all of us here. Well I really feel and loved to talk about business today. Actually I was at home right now and I feel like I didn’t do anything this summer. It’s always the same as yesterday- wakeup late in morning, eat and sleep late at night. So I want to make this day by just posting something that can really benefit you and me.

I was wondering how to be a successful in your business. I saw many people- specially my relatives started to build there own business and then failed to improve it. Then I come to my mind, what if I’ll be teacher soon- after I graduate- whet else can I don in my life? Then I picture out myself to be involve in business. Doing business online is one of the best things and most successful strategy. Through
direct marketing companies it really keeps you connected – to the company and to the customers. It’s been easy for them because of the latest technology they’ve been using like direct mail and e-marketing and etc. this also helps the business to reduce its cost. The fulfillment centers provide integrate fulfillment services to the customers.

You may checkout some of today’s business strategies to build up your own business- through the help of technology it will help you reduce costs, enhance loyalty increase revenue and achieve real results.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


Monday, May 10, 2010

I Standup and Voted for Righteousness

Philippine national election is now over. Somewhat frustrating seeing those results announced on television. How I wish I could destroy our TV and escape in the reality in hearing and seeing the winning candidate. But I know God has greater plans above everything else.

Though we stumble, though we fall but our faith in Jesus Christ can never be forsaken by our enemy. I have voted wisely and I’ve voted the righteous leader but I think the problem is not in me but to the people who are still governed in the lust for money- they still allow people to buy their rights and precious vote. I am proud to say… I never ever let someone buy my vote- precious vote shows my dignity and my true stand in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh God, you are the only source of everything. I know you have perfect plans for all of us who are calling up your name. We will not entrust our life to corrupt leader but this time we will lift our eyes on you Lord. Hear our hearts cry and heal our land.

God bless everyone.


Cash Advance for Financial Emergency

Hello friends, I’m looking forward for my family to have a vacation in my grandmother’s house in the province. Yeah, I hope my sister will finish her summer class earlier so that we can go in my grandmother’s house before the summer ends up. Well, before that I should consider some of the important things that we really need- obviously finances. Sometimes we really want to relax but we can’t afford to have extra finances to do it. Some really wishes to have cash advance to fulfill what you want to do this summer.

It is really disappointing and checkout some
payday loans in the net that can help you to have an emergency money. This is a short term loans.

I hope you’re enjoying your day out there and keep on planning your vacation day. I know for sure that you will have the financial expenses you want if you are really eager to seek for it. I hope you are doing fine out there. Enjoy your summer break and I hope this post will help you.
To grandmother and cousins… watch out for us because we’re coming and I’m looking forward to bond with you guys. I hope to see you soon.

Keep going everyone and God bless always.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Summer Getaway?

Happy weekend everyone. Well it’s another weekend had passed in my one and a half month of vacation. I felt so sad when I heard that my sister still have a summer class until the second week of May. This means that our planned outing is canceled. I can’t help, but to think of that “possible” happy vacation together with my cousins in my grandmother’s house.

How I wish for a great vacation. I just felt to pity for my self thinking that I can’t have a happy outing this summer. I feel so gad seeing this photo below.

How lovely it was seeing family together in a summer vacation. With those fabulous
rv awnings, they had great time spending a outdoor activities with their loved ones. How I wish we could do the same too. They just got some mini bus and awnings in it and “horrah” they have a great summer camping or picnic together.

For us- who cannot go out of town- maybe you can enjoy your summer with this great rv awnings for sale in the net. This awnings best suite to your patio and relax and chill with the cool wind in your backyard. Keep going everyone and God bless. So, for now I will enjoy my stay here in the house.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mobile Marketing: How it Works?

Have a great Friday to everyone. I’m wishing you all to have a great and happy weekend too. So far I’m enjoying my stay here at home. I always watch my favorite TV show. As much as possible I always keep in touch with the latest news and updates about this reality show here.
PBB teens

This weekend is the next eviction night, so keep on voting guys. By the way, who’s your bet to this favorite TV show “Pinoy Big Brother?” Have you already voted for your Pinoy Big Brother Teen Housemates? Well, we can’t deny that this reality show really hooked the TV audience. Voting for your favorite teen housemates is the most powerful way to save your favorite housemates when they are nominated-so keep on voting guys.
Truly, if you imagine how technology, computer and mobile generation invaded our generation today. That’s why technology uses this too to use this as form of marketing. The way to reach out people is to speak their language. Just loke
Cellit Mobile Marketing is doing today. If you are in abusiness, Cellit Mobile Marketing can set you up with your own 5-digit phone number. Juat like with the Pinoy Bog Brother voting system, they have there digit-numbers to let the voters and audience vote for there favorite teens.


It works with different
Short codes and sends and connects to your viewers or customers to your own 5-digit numbers. Cellit mobile marketing is very useful when you want to organize and promote some text marketing, promotion, text-to-win, voting or enquiry about your products. See, it really works and worthy to check out learn this kind of technological innovations.

This is another useful way in reaching out people.
So friends and Pinoy Big Brother fanatics or viewers, vote now for your favorite nominated housemates. Enjoy your weekend and keep going. God bless.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Donate for Veterans

I was watching the Philippine TV show here in the Philippines and I was really amazed on how they portray a role play showcased the story during the Vietnam War. It is like the Miss Saigon opened at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London’s West End.

Yeah, it opens me up about the world history about the Vietnam War. This situation I really feel sympathy to the victims of this war- the civilians as well as the soldiers. This is really a big war indeed that really marks the history of the world. Decades had passed but few had thought about the veterans of this war. Few had thought about their current situation today.
I just found this quote in one of the website and it feel somewhat relieve about the feeling of sympathy to this people.
"Never again will one generation of Vietnam veterans abandon another."

The Vietnam Veterans Car Donation Programs seeks to provide help through car donations, vehicle donations to the veterans of Vietnam War. Some of you here really feel empathy to the American Soldiers that fought with all there might during this war. Consider your self a big help for them and donate car.
Car donation seeks to provide support benefit for the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

So Called Friends??

Definitely I enjoyed watching PBB “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010”.LOL. I’ve been in my teen and I’ve experienced that feelings too. Hangout with friends and especially to have crushes. Today’s edition is really cute because I can see some housemate that is really a replica of me when I was a teenager. It’s not about the image or the beauty but it’s the attitude- somewhat sweet and loving. Just like Ivan, I have also friend the same attitude as him. Even though we didn’t admit it but we felt something with each other. Well that’s my past life- but now we both separate in different ways without telling what I felt for him before. I hope this won’t happen to them- for Ivan and Fretzie.

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 2010 sweet hearts.
Fretzie Bercede and Ivan Dorschner

I love the sweetness and cuteness of this two--- so called--- friend?? LOL. Keep going everyone.

Protect Your Identity Today

Have you experience to be deceive and stolen some important things from you? Well, I’ve been in that situation too. I lost my money- that’s not the first incident of stealing. Many times we’ve lost money in the classroom. Sometimes you really feel frustrated when you think that those people didn’t think how you value that thing or money very much.

In fact this kind of problem is really a notorious crime common in America today. Now a day, scam in credit accounts is one of the major problems of some citizen in the US or even in the other part of the country. What’s good with it is that, technology is doing something that will hinder fraud people and scamming. Well it's good to have this
LifeLock Promotional Code- this is an identity theft protection- today. It is made to protect those people and their bank accounts. Lifelock today is very helpful to prevent some identity theft.

This time there’s no really rooms for fraud and wicked people. I hope this will help you protect your identity, your account and as well as your family. This time thieves use technology to deceive people but we are grateful with today’s techno to keep us on the go and feel convenient in using our identity as well as our account.

Keep going everyone and God bless.


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