Sunday, April 04, 2010

Time to Change our Life-time

Oh, again, I will sleep late at night today. Sometimes, playing in the computer updates and games, I forgot about the time. Here I am again sleeping late at night. Well, so far I’ve been spending my time watching some videos and inspirational music videos in the computer.

Sometimes, too much work and business can slip you in managing your time well. Through the work you did, you almost forgot the right time. My wrist watch is not enough to remind me of the time. Lately, we were late in the church because we woke up late in the morning. My wristwatch and alarm clock is not enough. I think I need the bigger clock just like the grandfather clocks I’ve seen in the net just to keep on reminding me about the right time.

Well all of us really need it specially we are in this world where we are in the pace of time- making things done as fast as we can. Managing my time is one of the things I struggle about. Sometimes I always take it for granted. I always believe that there is always another time- until I realize that is really too late.
I just want to remind you, always treasure every time you have. Always make use of your time wisely and appropriately.
Always add time in living your life.

Keep going everyone. God bless always.

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