Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PBB Teen Clash of 2010: Who's Your Bet?

This summer, yes again I can’t resist it still addicted with TV shows. Again “Pinoy Big Brother” teen edition bate me to stay late at night and watch it. Last Saturday, the reality TV show had started.
I just want to welcome you all PBB Pinoy Big Brother fanatics… Let’s have a great time together!!!

The question is who’s your bet?

Well no doubt, based upon the people’s reaction from any social networking site and my friends, the no.1 and everybody’s bet is Ivan Dorschner. Ivan is truly a cutie. I like his humbleness too- knowing that he is really handsome. Before Ivan entered in the PBB house, she had an exposure in one of the country’s top rating shows Showtime and Wowowee. I think he really stands out in the crowd as an audience in this top rating shows.

Well let’s see the depth of his personality. Let’s see who’s personality will stand out in Big Brother’s house.

Keep going everyone.


1 comment:

Yodz said...

my girlfriend love this Ivan guy more than me now.. {sigh}


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