Friday, April 16, 2010

Job Opportunities Awaits on You- Graduates of 2010

It’s been a week now since I’ve started my summer vacation. Being at home, left and do some computer works, rest, and enjoy the summer bliss. I can’t help but to shout and say “Lord thank you for the peace of mind and enough time to rest and enjoy your goodness”.

Attending MSU-IIT Graduation Day 2010

I can’t imagine what life awaits in me after I gradate in college. It's suddenly comes up in my mind now. Well, I’ve been in a graduation day in some of my friends and everything there is full hearted- they are very glad for gradating in college. Their journey is about to begin. I’m very happy for them. Well if you’re going to ask me, “what about you?”. Yeah you’re right, what about me? That is the big question now. Well I’m supposed to graduate this year, but something happened in my subject-conflict of the subjects- failed me to march in the aisle in the auditorium.

It is not also easy to choose and search for better jobs and
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I never regret about it. I accepted it whole heartedly and thank God. Everything happens for a reason. God wants me to stop for a while-think about his plan and will in my life. It is about the decision making making in which way to go. Getting a job and start earning for oneself. This is the time where in the choice in me now. God is so good that He wants me to stop… get ready on what awaits in me and go… for the opportunities and His perfect plan.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

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