Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Not a Monkey Business Card

Hi friends. Well how’s your week? Me I’m enjoying my summer break. I stock up in the house but I was a little bit enjoyable because it is really great to plan about something enjoyable. Why I call it enjoyable because were going to have a family reunion and I’m part of that special event and we also assist and initiate the said event.

Well I’ve contributed my talent by helping them doing and making some T-shirt design, family logo and etc. that’s the time that I’ve show to them what I’ve learned in school. I’ve use the Corel Draw program but I’m not that really an expert. We used to have a projects before like t-shirt designs, logos and even business cards.

Someday... I always wish to be a graphic artist and I’m planning to mold it this summer.LOL. If you need some help or you want to hire me to make some of your business cards well then this is not the perfect timing. I’m not that expert yet. If you want, try to check out some
quality business cards online. It is really available especially people today are usually engage to businesses. Really, this is not a monkey business, just check out for yourself and enjoy the good quality business card designs.

Keep going. God bless.

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