Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter Sunday!!

It is the time where we celebrate Christ Resurrection. It is the great time for us to celebrate that Jesus is alive. This is the best reason why we celebrate Easter Sunday. It’s god to celebrate and be grateful with this day.

We went to church today and we hear the sermon of our pastor. It is really inspirational. It can build up your inner faith and hope to God. It is the re-birth of our faith and trusting in God. Some are disregarding this day. It loosen the essence of this day. Easter should be celebrated with gratefulness and a happy heart. To make this day as colorful and fun, well here are some interesting
Easter ideas for you. I’ve fond this one in the internet and truly it is the great source for any church activities during Easter. Like for instance, Easter egg hunt, Easter game, Easter desserts and cookies, Easter decorations and any fun tips to choose from.

Truly this is the day where we not only celebrate but to re-birth our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the time to give thanks of what He had done in the cross- for our salvation. It is where we will again re-unite ourselves to the Lord.
Keep going everyone and God bless. Happy Easter.


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