Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Gift of Gratitude for Mom

Well, well, it’s cold in the evening. I stayed at home because of the heavy rain outside. I just watched TV and play the computer. I was a little bit guilty because I never do any household chores. As usual mom did all the work. Mom really washes our clothes, wash the dishes, and cook a lovely dinner. Yeah right, that’s what mom usually does. But have you ever gave any gratitude and say “thank you and “I love you” to your mom? Some of you did not know, this coming month of May is the month of honoring your mom. So start thinking on what to give for your mom in this special day.

Give your best mom in the world a present- a sign of gratitude- that she will surely remember. Moms are considered the chef in the house; for sure moms really love to receive some
Chef Supplies.LOL. Check it out there are some verities to chose from. Don’t worry, because there’s some free shipment when you purchase more than 99$.

Try to relax with and prepare for your mom a special menu with this Crock-Pot Slow Cooker.

Prepare s special ice cream with this cool ice cream maker.

You may also enjoy your pan cakes with this dinnerware set and Panini grill.

Keep going and enjoy your day this mother’s day.

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Russ said...

Those were some great ideas.


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