Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fulfill Your "Dream Course" Online

When I was young, I always look forward in the things in the future. I can still remember in my lower years when my teacher asked me- I think that was during my primary school- what do you want to be when you grow up? Then I’ll answer without hesitations, “ma’am I wan to be an engineer someday”. During my high school years, when I write an essay about me “20 year from now…” well I’ll attach it with his line “I’ll be a successful engineer”.

Now I only have one semester to finish my degree, but to be an engineer will no longer happen. I’ll be graduating soon. I’ll be graduating as a teacher. Yes, I’ll be a teacher soon. Perhaps, I have already perfectly planned my life but sometime fate and God’s will leads us into other way.

Somehow, it always think, I can also be one of those people who will seek on
online engineering degree after they graduated in high school. This post, I hope this will help those young students who wants to pursue in college and want to immortalize their dreams to be an engineer someday- maybe in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Management, Electrical Engineering and etc.

Check out one of the best school like
Drexel University if you wan to take up high quality engineering courses or online courses.

In fact, I’m happy of what I achieved right now. But there’s one thing I want to share to you “don’t limit our capability in reaching your dreams, always trust God”.

God bless.


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