Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Asian Movie: Seducing Mr. Perfect

Well, again I’m having a great time watching a lot of Asian movies. I was quite buzzing this in my blog when I became interested in watching this Korean movie “Seducing Mr. Perfect”. No, it’s not what you think- it’s not a sexy movie. It’s funny-romantic movie and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. This movie really teaches you how to love and the true principle of love.
I won’t tell you the story, but I just want to leave you a “two thumbs up” for this movie so you will wach it (don’t worry there is an English subtitle) LOL.

These are the main cast:
Uhm Jung-hwa as Min Joon and Daniel Henney as Robin Heiden.
Seat back... relax... and enjoy the movie. Keep going and God bless.


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Hitesh said...

i have seen a lot of korean movies....obviously with English subtitles.....like Babo,Sex is zero, Millionairs first love and many more........the Korean movie industry is really good at making romantic movies.....i loved them.......


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