Thursday, April 22, 2010

Activate Your "Active Lifestyle"

How was your day? For me, I always thank God for my mom because she always pray for us every morning. She goes to our room and pray for us- while we were sleeping. Yeah I just discovered about it lately. I’m always thankful to God because she’s always so caring to all of us. For those who didn’t know that me and my sister had a serious health problems and I’m always thanking God and my family who always takes good care of us.

Then at that point of time I realized I’ve been too careless when it comes to my health. I always make myself tired and stressful. I hope I can really change for good. I’ll be a good daughter for her. This time I’ll be more conscious about health. Thank God for mom.
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I do really want to have an active lifestyle and be fit. To have a proper exercise and involve myself in sports and any fitness activity. Sharing some active lifestyle is what really want to share to you. I hope I can start on it this summer. I’m hoping to share some tips and updates on how to get fit and stay healthy. I wish to have it and start this summer. Well just keep in touch with me, maybe I can start it here in my blog and start it as soon as possible.

Start and active lifestyle today and be health conscious. Keep going everyone. God bless.


yeokeehui said...

All mothers have love for their children and want the best for them. Our love in return will be to stand healthy and strong, loving and kind, appreciative and thankful.

Anonymous said...

Very much am grateful what you're doing here!


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