Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Gift of Gratitude for Mom

Well, well, it’s cold in the evening. I stayed at home because of the heavy rain outside. I just watched TV and play the computer. I was a little bit guilty because I never do any household chores. As usual mom did all the work. Mom really washes our clothes, wash the dishes, and cook a lovely dinner. Yeah right, that’s what mom usually does. But have you ever gave any gratitude and say “thank you and “I love you” to your mom? Some of you did not know, this coming month of May is the month of honoring your mom. So start thinking on what to give for your mom in this special day.

Give your best mom in the world a present- a sign of gratitude- that she will surely remember. Moms are considered the chef in the house; for sure moms really love to receive some
Chef Supplies.LOL. Check it out there are some verities to chose from. Don’t worry, because there’s some free shipment when you purchase more than 99$.

Try to relax with and prepare for your mom a special menu with this Crock-Pot Slow Cooker.

Prepare s special ice cream with this cool ice cream maker.

You may also enjoy your pan cakes with this dinnerware set and Panini grill.

Keep going and enjoy your day this mother’s day.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Watchout for Manga Wallflower

Happy Friday friends.

Well I stayed at home all day and I can’t resist that I’ve been addicted in watching movies, Japanese Manga and Manga anime.LOL. This is what I’m doing all day. It’s summer time- so no school- and I have to stock at home (well probably next month we’ll have vacation trip with my family). So, since I’m still at home I’ll update you about my latest stuff and my activity at home.

Check out the OST of this manga anime.

I just watched this manga in DVD and I really enjoyed watching it. It’s entitled “Wallflower”
Watch out for:

Manga Anime Series

Wallflower Manga in DVDs

Wallflower Manga

Now, Japan just aired their "Wallflower" drama series last January 15, 2010. Check it out.

Kamenashi Kazuya as Takano Kyohei, Tegoshi Yuya as Toyama Yukinojo, Oosama Aya as Nakahara Sunako, Uchi Hiroki as Oda Takenaga and Miyao Shuntaro as Morii Ranmaru

so i knew the new song of KAT-TUN: “Love Yourself”

Keep going everyone. God bless.


Activate Your "Active Lifestyle"

How was your day? For me, I always thank God for my mom because she always pray for us every morning. She goes to our room and pray for us- while we were sleeping. Yeah I just discovered about it lately. I’m always thankful to God because she’s always so caring to all of us. For those who didn’t know that me and my sister had a serious health problems and I’m always thanking God and my family who always takes good care of us.

Then at that point of time I realized I’ve been too careless when it comes to my health. I always make myself tired and stressful. I hope I can really change for good. I’ll be a good daughter for her. This time I’ll be more conscious about health. Thank God for mom.
Don’t ever let your loved ones worry about you. Check out some
Insurance leads today it’s somewhat a big help for you.

I do really want to have an active lifestyle and be fit. To have a proper exercise and involve myself in sports and any fitness activity. Sharing some active lifestyle is what really want to share to you. I hope I can start on it this summer. I’m hoping to share some tips and updates on how to get fit and stay healthy. I wish to have it and start this summer. Well just keep in touch with me, maybe I can start it here in my blog and start it as soon as possible.

Start and active lifestyle today and be health conscious. Keep going everyone. God bless.

Designing Wedding Invitations

This is my half week in my summer break and I’m really trying hard to learn some of the skills in creating computer designs using different programs in the computer. I’m frustrated graphic artist. I always longed to make some designs like invitations, T-shirt designs and etc. I think everything comes in a process. I have to undergo some trainings and workshops in order to be called as expert in designing. I hope I can be that one who can really work high quality designs.

Well then I hope I can be that good just like in the wedding
invitations and design providers in the internet. I hope I can work with this high quality company too. I love how they create their own designs that will really suites your own personality.

I hope I can be as good as them. Well if you love and look for that invitation for your memorable wedding, check out their designs- I got some sample invitations from their sites and I love it. How about you? Well then, work out with your wedding invitations today and have a happy wedding. Soon, Ill be proud to apply and confident enough to hire me for this job... soon.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Happy Earth Day

Today is an Earth Day!

How did I know it? Well, I thanks to the Google. I’ve recognize it through their design in their main page. Just check it out. Oh, I love Google, they really creative when in remembering and recognizing dates and special occasions.

Well then, I hope it’s not only this time you’ll be aware of our mother earth because it’s earth day but always live your day with the love and care in our mother earth.

Happy Earth Day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Not a Monkey Business Card

Hi friends. Well how’s your week? Me I’m enjoying my summer break. I stock up in the house but I was a little bit enjoyable because it is really great to plan about something enjoyable. Why I call it enjoyable because were going to have a family reunion and I’m part of that special event and we also assist and initiate the said event.

Well I’ve contributed my talent by helping them doing and making some T-shirt design, family logo and etc. that’s the time that I’ve show to them what I’ve learned in school. I’ve use the Corel Draw program but I’m not that really an expert. We used to have a projects before like t-shirt designs, logos and even business cards.

Someday... I always wish to be a graphic artist and I’m planning to mold it this summer.LOL. If you need some help or you want to hire me to make some of your business cards well then this is not the perfect timing. I’m not that expert yet. If you want, try to check out some
quality business cards online. It is really available especially people today are usually engage to businesses. Really, this is not a monkey business, just check out for yourself and enjoy the good quality business card designs.

Keep going. God bless.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stress-Free in Moving

It is really a tough thing to do when we move to another place. Most of our neighbors today move to other places. I think all of them have find their place to settle down with their families. Some decide to live in the province to live a peaceful and beautiful place to live. I know in the near future we’ll going to transfer soon we will separate and have our own family.

I’ve experienced that struggles in moving when I was 7 years old and I can still remember those time. And it is quite tough. Let this work be easy to you and have some stress-free in moving. Check out the
Boston movers site today, surely you can see that stress-free moving is possible. It can take you from point A to point B with a hassle-free or not give you nuisance. Make your moving and transition smooth and relaxing as much as possible. Well, what’s more important in moving is that you should trust the people who will assist you and take good care of you and your belongings.

I hope this simple post can guide you and help when while planning to move to other places. Keep going everyone and God bless.

Welcome the Summer with New Wordpress Themes

Hello dear friends and co-bloggers, do you want to have fresh and cooler look this summer? We always look forward of what something new for summer or any trends that we can apply for summer. Well, you will no longer look somewhere else because you can always start it in your blog. Here’s some cool free wordpress themes for you. I hope you like it and enjoy searching for the newest themes and looks for you blog.

Enjoy!!! Here’s some snapshots from the sampled-themes.

Keep going.

Fulfill Your "Dream Course" Online

When I was young, I always look forward in the things in the future. I can still remember in my lower years when my teacher asked me- I think that was during my primary school- what do you want to be when you grow up? Then I’ll answer without hesitations, “ma’am I wan to be an engineer someday”. During my high school years, when I write an essay about me “20 year from now…” well I’ll attach it with his line “I’ll be a successful engineer”.

Now I only have one semester to finish my degree, but to be an engineer will no longer happen. I’ll be graduating soon. I’ll be graduating as a teacher. Yes, I’ll be a teacher soon. Perhaps, I have already perfectly planned my life but sometime fate and God’s will leads us into other way.

Somehow, it always think, I can also be one of those people who will seek on
online engineering degree after they graduated in high school. This post, I hope this will help those young students who wants to pursue in college and want to immortalize their dreams to be an engineer someday- maybe in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Management, Electrical Engineering and etc.

Check out one of the best school like
Drexel University if you wan to take up high quality engineering courses or online courses.

In fact, I’m happy of what I achieved right now. But there’s one thing I want to share to you “don’t limit our capability in reaching your dreams, always trust God”.

God bless.


Light Up your Work

It’s blogging time. Well I always say that blogging is one of my favorite thing to do. Do you know the best time for me to post and create some post to my blog? Honestly I worked midnight and it’s somewhat difficult. For me, that’s one of the best time for me to work on my post. Usually every morning until noon I’ll always stay outdoor. I hate to stay indoors because of hot temperature and deemed light. The sun is too bright that really hurt my eye. Mom always tell us to work in the proper lighting at home.

Proper lightings are first thing to consider and are very important in a working place. When you have the best working place, you can do and endure your work . Check out the best
ampoule today an enjoy working with the great and brightest light at home. Arrange your home and working place with ampoules incandescent and surely you’ll work long hours without struggling on your eye problem. With ampoule a led, this post will help you.

Take good care with your eyes. Always consider your proper lighting and enjoy the brightness of your good job. With proper skills and good quality lighting, surely you’ll have job-well-done.

Keep going everyone and God bess.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Donate Cars to the Veterans

“All gave some, some gave all.” These quote really caught my attention. I’ve seen this one in the net and I want to share this one to you.

We all know that over the hundred years of unstoppable war, millions of people were killed and became the victims of war. I really admire and acknowledge those brave soldiers who show their heroism. They fight with all there heart to defend there dear country. I can’t imagine the worse condition of civilians and soldiers that are victims of war.

"One in four homeless persons in America is a United States Veteran." - USA Today. I never thought it will happen in the American veterans of war. Be a part of the
purple heart and donate for the veterans. I can’t help but wish that millionaires and those who have abundant life should think and donate car for them. Make a decision today, car donations purple heart is right for those who have a heart for the veterans.

Share to those who are in need, God is sees those people who know how to give and share to others.
Share your blessings and keep the heart of a cheerful giver.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Job Opportunities Awaits on You- Graduates of 2010

It’s been a week now since I’ve started my summer vacation. Being at home, left and do some computer works, rest, and enjoy the summer bliss. I can’t help but to shout and say “Lord thank you for the peace of mind and enough time to rest and enjoy your goodness”.

Attending MSU-IIT Graduation Day 2010

I can’t imagine what life awaits in me after I gradate in college. It's suddenly comes up in my mind now. Well, I’ve been in a graduation day in some of my friends and everything there is full hearted- they are very glad for gradating in college. Their journey is about to begin. I’m very happy for them. Well if you’re going to ask me, “what about you?”. Yeah you’re right, what about me? That is the big question now. Well I’m supposed to graduate this year, but something happened in my subject-conflict of the subjects- failed me to march in the aisle in the auditorium.

It is not also easy to choose and search for better jobs and
employment well this is the easiest and the fastest access to your job. EmploymentCrossing Reviews can give you better choices and good quality of jobs today. I just found this one in the internet and I find it interesting for me- who are preparing to graduate and those who were fresh graduates.

I never regret about it. I accepted it whole heartedly and thank God. Everything happens for a reason. God wants me to stop for a while-think about his plan and will in my life. It is about the decision making making in which way to go. Getting a job and start earning for oneself. This is the time where in the choice in me now. God is so good that He wants me to stop… get ready on what awaits in me and go… for the opportunities and His perfect plan.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Show Your Personality with Cool Cellphone Covers

Well I’m too eager to have my new cell phone now. Well that is my gift I want to give for myself. Really, this is the number one in my gadget wish list.

Quite long for me before I can feature to you my “dream cell phone” . While waiting for it let me feature to some of the coolest cell phone covers I just found lately. They say, Cell phone covers reflects your personality. It’s good to have a cool cover because it is where people can reflect the other side of you. The cell case picture is really cool right. Grab it now.

It’s cool to have this cover. Check out some of the best cover today, someday if I have my newest phone I’ll check out this one- which fits my persona.
Keep going everyone. Stay cool but don’t freeze.

God bless.

PBB Teen Clash of 2010: Who's Your Bet?

This summer, yes again I can’t resist it still addicted with TV shows. Again “Pinoy Big Brother” teen edition bate me to stay late at night and watch it. Last Saturday, the reality TV show had started.
I just want to welcome you all PBB Pinoy Big Brother fanatics… Let’s have a great time together!!!

The question is who’s your bet?

Well no doubt, based upon the people’s reaction from any social networking site and my friends, the no.1 and everybody’s bet is Ivan Dorschner. Ivan is truly a cutie. I like his humbleness too- knowing that he is really handsome. Before Ivan entered in the PBB house, she had an exposure in one of the country’s top rating shows Showtime and Wowowee. I think he really stands out in the crowd as an audience in this top rating shows.

Well let’s see the depth of his personality. Let’s see who’s personality will stand out in Big Brother’s house.

Keep going everyone.


TrueTheraphy with Magnetic Bracelet

It’s a great time for those who wants to have a real adventure and a captivating vacation tour in any tourist destination.

But not the perfect time for my big sister. Well, was in her room now at this moment. She rest for a while after all those busy day in enrollment. She’ll have a summer class this month.

It’s good that she had her magnetic therapy ring- it is helpful to loosen up stress. Now a day,
magnet bracelet, ring and etc. is very popular because of its guaranteed effective and truly satisfaction. Stainless steel magnet bracelet are now available online- so it’s accessible for us to fun and easy online shopping. Don’t worry, they also offer free shipping services so we can save a bucks for shipment.

Enjoy choosing your own magnetic jewelry today that suites your personality and experience magnetic therapy today.

Keep going and God bless.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Monitoring with Flat Panel Monitor

it’s been a week now since our class end up and the great summer had started. I’m quite busy today to do some updates and post in my blog. Blogging is really great to do in my leisure time.

I usually start blogging every night because I have difficulties looking at the
monitors specially in day time- due to high light. Well it’s been disappointing because all this time I haven’t buy a new flat screen monitor. Today, I’ve been using the old-dark monitor.

I’m looking forward for any high quality flat screen monitor online. My uncle told me that it is far better when we use to use flat panel monitor. Check out the latest gadgets and computer accessories online. It’s hassle free to explore and choose from the latest discount price.

I’ll be glad choosing and exploring this site.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mobile Marketing Solutions for Business

My uncle was discussing with his friend about his plan to put up some new business. He was thinking about the possible and good business to put up. He is considering the market, the financial income, and possibilities to make it on the top. When I was listening to them, I realized that when you are in the business arena, you have to consider a lot of possibilities that can really help you made up and build your business and be successful. Sometimes it takes knowledge and intelligence to analyze things. Other information are also learned. This time, I’ve learned something new that can really help you elevate your business. Check it out now.

It’s really amazing on how really technology works for all of us. If you are interested any businesses and think how can you make it into the top, well there’s nothing to worry about it because Cellit Mobile Marketing is here. It is really made to make you on the go and on the top with your businesses and marketing. You can easily connect with your customers in the easy and fastest way- through mobile marketing.

To build a complete competitive market, House4Cell is perfectly made and develop for you- to make every business grow faster and easier. It provides easy way to provide your buyers instant information to your buyers- along with faxes and e-mails. By just using your phone you can instantly connect with your valued customers.

This is such an easy way and accessible for business entrepreneurs and enthusiast. It can provide you instant info and instant leads. Surely, Mobile Marketing is one of the latest trends of today’s businesses. Keep in touch with this post and feel free to explore some of my given links and for sure you can make your dreamed business on the top sales.

One of the advantage of mobile marketing can really help you reach out to your customers in ways that previously weren't possible. It is good an applicable for restaurant, a newspaper, a REALTOR, a broadcast station and etc. business company. Keep it easy to do business in custom development, industry solutions and general solutions. Be the next top business man today. The power tool for you is truly found in mobile marketing.

I hope this one is the helpful post for business minded and business enthusiast. Keep going every and God bless. Have a bountiful day to you.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Asian Movie: Seducing Mr. Perfect

Well, again I’m having a great time watching a lot of Asian movies. I was quite buzzing this in my blog when I became interested in watching this Korean movie “Seducing Mr. Perfect”. No, it’s not what you think- it’s not a sexy movie. It’s funny-romantic movie and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. This movie really teaches you how to love and the true principle of love.
I won’t tell you the story, but I just want to leave you a “two thumbs up” for this movie so you will wach it (don’t worry there is an English subtitle) LOL.

These are the main cast:
Uhm Jung-hwa as Min Joon and Daniel Henney as Robin Heiden.
Seat back... relax... and enjoy the movie. Keep going and God bless.


Pimples Causes You Nightmare?

One of my best asset-according to my friends and family- is my lovely and pinkish skin. Well it’s very flattering when they say that I have the nicest and good complexion. Though I’ve experience uneven skin tone and color but I always find ways and I’m trying to work it out.

Lately, it’s really frustrating when I look at myself in the mirror. Due to some pressure and stress I can clearly see some few pimples in my face. It’s quite conscious every time I face a lot of people. How it works to fight against pimples or acne?
this is me starting to have pimples and breakouts (during those busy week)

Well I always wash my face three times a day. Over washed can cause irritation. I also apply pearl cream every night. And lastly, always keep your face clean. One of the common causes of acne is the unclean of dirty pillow. Dirty pillows can cause breakouts. Check out some of the best Acne-Fighting Pillow online- for sure it will truly help to maintain your beauty-it’s helpful tip for me too. Learn some Truth About High Thread Count that can really gives you freshness and what are their advantages when you use it. Pillows have dead skin cells, dirt, oil and etc. that can cause acne so it’s very important Know When to Flip Pillow and change it or wash it.

Don’t let your pimples be a nightmare to you.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


Monday, April 05, 2010

Asian Drama: He's Beautiful

It’s a great week to all of us. Well, I really enjoyed watching different movies last week. How I wish I can share it all to you.

Just keep in touch with me cause I will update you some of the best Asian movies, Korean movie, Taiwan, Japanese movies as well as Philippine movies
For now let me share to one of the fascinating Kdrama or Korean (South Korea) drama series- which will be shown soon here in the Philippines- entitled “You’re Beautiful”.

* Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae-gyeong
* Park Shin Hye as Go Mi-nam / Go Mi-nyeo
* Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy
* Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin-woo

The story runs, when the cute girl named Go Mi Nyu -who is soon to be a nun- had changed her fate when her identical twin brother Go Mi Nam successfully auditions into the musical band A.N.JELL but is forced to leave for the United States to correct a botched plastic surgery effort. She was approached to pretend and to be her brother’s replacement until her twin brother arrives.

The story twisted when Tae Kyung, the lead singer of the band, discovered this secret and accidentally fall in love with Go Mi Nyu a.k.a Go Mi Nam. The rest of the band members unveil there true feelings with Go Mi Nam later on.

Two thumbs up for this movie. Surely you will fall in love and laugh with this romantic and funny movie. Keep going everyone.

Watch for You're Beautiful OST (Official Sound Track)

Here are some of the snapshot from the drama series.Enjoy!

Drama Series
You're Beautiful snapshots...

You're Beautiful best scenes ...

Watch out for this drama series in ABS-CBN Philippines. It's coming soon.
Keep going.


Sports Talk: What is your Bet?

I’ve been addicted to the TV series “Eye shield 21”, it showcases about American football- where sportsmanship, camaraderie and friendship develops. I really love watching it . That’s the time I appreciate the beauty and understand the American football sports.

All this time I’ve been a sport lover. I really love to watch sports like boxing, basketball and lately I learned about American football- starts to love it too. Well, all of it are really fascinating to watch. I do really love to be sporty and participate in sports. It is really great to be part in the sports and to be fit. But I cannot really find the best sport in which I will suite in. It’s a little bit frustrating. I’m not good of any sports. I love watching sports events- movies and etc.
But I never find my match. Some of you,same as me, are merely sports enthusiast, some of you love some sport betting as well.

Since then, I became a sports enthusiast but not a sports athlete. I’m fine with it I’ve been enjoying watching it. If you are the same as I am well you can surely understand what I felt right now.

For sure, you are eager to know some latest updates about sports and as well as the tips and the latest about sport betting. Check it out below and enjoy exploring the world of sports.

God bless always and keep going friends.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter Sunday!!

It is the time where we celebrate Christ Resurrection. It is the great time for us to celebrate that Jesus is alive. This is the best reason why we celebrate Easter Sunday. It’s god to celebrate and be grateful with this day.

We went to church today and we hear the sermon of our pastor. It is really inspirational. It can build up your inner faith and hope to God. It is the re-birth of our faith and trusting in God. Some are disregarding this day. It loosen the essence of this day. Easter should be celebrated with gratefulness and a happy heart. To make this day as colorful and fun, well here are some interesting
Easter ideas for you. I’ve fond this one in the internet and truly it is the great source for any church activities during Easter. Like for instance, Easter egg hunt, Easter game, Easter desserts and cookies, Easter decorations and any fun tips to choose from.

Truly this is the day where we not only celebrate but to re-birth our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the time to give thanks of what He had done in the cross- for our salvation. It is where we will again re-unite ourselves to the Lord.
Keep going everyone and God bless. Happy Easter.


Time to Change our Life-time

Oh, again, I will sleep late at night today. Sometimes, playing in the computer updates and games, I forgot about the time. Here I am again sleeping late at night. Well, so far I’ve been spending my time watching some videos and inspirational music videos in the computer.

Sometimes, too much work and business can slip you in managing your time well. Through the work you did, you almost forgot the right time. My wrist watch is not enough to remind me of the time. Lately, we were late in the church because we woke up late in the morning. My wristwatch and alarm clock is not enough. I think I need the bigger clock just like the grandfather clocks I’ve seen in the net just to keep on reminding me about the right time.

Well all of us really need it specially we are in this world where we are in the pace of time- making things done as fast as we can. Managing my time is one of the things I struggle about. Sometimes I always take it for granted. I always believe that there is always another time- until I realize that is really too late.
I just want to remind you, always treasure every time you have. Always make use of your time wisely and appropriately.
Always add time in living your life.

Keep going everyone. God bless always.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Watching You Walkaway

What hurts the most…
Was being so close…
And havin' so much to say…
And watchin' you walk away…

This is the lyrics from the song "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts.

Watching you walk away…what really hurts the most is when you tried to stop that feeling you feel for someone and watching him walk away without telling your true feelings. Sometimes, you don’t admit it but keeps you hurting every now and then.
It keeps you asking did he ever feel the same way too?

God allow us to be hurt to understand His comfort. He wants us to realize that in Him alone we can find our true love. He wants us to wait for Him, to wait for Him to write our love story. God is an awesome God that He wants the best for us. Watching him walkaway is one of God's blessing for us to wait for the best one to come.
True love waits and it is worth the wait.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


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