Monday, March 01, 2010

Movie Watch: Hachicko A Dog’s Tale

Get ready with your tissue paper.

Make sure you don’t have any “heart problems” for surely you will cry with this movie.

Two thumbs-up with this movie.

Hachicko: A Dog's Tale (Based on a True Story)

*this is really one of the emotional scene (I really cried)

I just watched it with my sisters and I can probably say “all of us” had an emotional reaction with it- we all cried.

It is the story of the Dog “base on a true strory” that patiently waits for his deceased master to come from his work. It shows great love and commitment, loyalty to his master. (We too should have this loyalty and commitment to our Master (God))

It is a story of a faith, trust, loyalty, devotion and love. I want you to watch this movie and feel free to cry.

Keep going and God bless.

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chari said...

owww I love dogs and movies. Thanks for sharing, I will really look for this movie in the web.
I'm excited! Let's see if I will cry... :)

dbi said...

kern deh...!

jadi pengen lihat nich

fetus said...

i wasn't able to read your advise beforehand... i watched the movie and couldn't help but kept sniffing with some unknown liquid running down my cheeks...


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Seo Philippines said...

thanks for the info I'm looking forward on seeing this movie

LinGZ said...

Wow, Hachicko is really an amazing movie. I cried through out the whole time while watching it. I was moved on how the cute dog shows loyalty to his master. Hachicko deserves to be in dog boarding - knowing that it is a true story.

Keep going. Enjoy!


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