Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Letter from a Friend

Summer time is coming. Our college class will end this march so I have to double my time in working with my assignments, projects and thesis.
I’ve been so busy lately with so much load of work. I was busy working with my research paper. For how many weeks of sleepless nights we all suffer so much body pain and ache. Well I hope it’s going to be fine soon.
At the end of the day, one thing I want to do now is relax and take good care of my health. I know what I’m doing is really a cause of stress. I don’t admit but I don’t really feel good today. Headache really bothered me.


Here are some important health tips for you.

Nice having a cold drink after meals but cold solidifies oily stuff we just ate. It slows down digestion. Once this sludge reacts with stomach acids, it breaks down and gets absorbed by the intestines faster than solid food and coats the intestines. Very soon, this becomes fats and leads to colon cancer.

P.S. It’s best to take hot soup or tepid water after meal.

Your friend,


I hope this will really help you motivate and take good care of your health. Check out some websites today for some of the important health tips or any health insurance leads today. It is good to be health, fine and wealthy for your family and friends.
Keep going everyone. I hope this will be a great summer for you and your loved one. God bless.

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