Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'll be There When You Say "I Do"

Have a “happy hearts day” everyone. This is my post-greetings for you.

The whole week I’ve been celebrating my “hearts day” with my family, friends and church mates. I never had any idea going on a date with special someone or what. I’m happy being single and I’m glad to see different couples’s dating and celebrating that special day. Sometimes, we always seek for someone whom we wish to be with in that special day but I’m looking forward for “God’s perfect time” to enter in a relationship or we called it courtship.

As I saw different couple exchanging cards, giving dozens of roses, chocolates and etc. I start to ask myself, will they stick and stay together till the end? When you feel like she or he’s the one for you- with God’s approvals then this February, this is the best and perfect day to say your words “Will You marry me?” or are you planning to say your “I do”.

I've found this lovely "wedding invitations online" you better check it out!
For me, I always wanted to receive wedding invitations- knowing that there’s another pair of couple who’ve found their “destiny”. God is so gracious and loving He provide us the perfect one.

When God reveals the perfect one for you, then be ready with the best wedding invitations (which is available online) and don’t forget to invite me in that precious time of yours.

Keep going everyone. God bless always.

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