Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let’s Talk About Wellness

Wow, mom bought a new vegetable and fruit juicer. I’m so excited to use it and prepare a fresh vegetable and fruit juice. Last nigh we were all busy preparing and extracting carrot juice. Yeah, it’s great and I feel healthy in it. God healed my sickness before- now is the time for me to maintain a good and healthy life.

Take good care of ourselves. Stay fit and healthy.
Here are some of the important healthy tips for you:

1.Drink and eat delicious food. (Extract vegetable juice and eat healthy foods).

2.Have a proper and healthy exercise.

3.Pray. (A peaceful mind and a joy in the heart is good for our health.

4.Have a correct timing of water intake. (I got this text from a friend)
-two (2) glasses of water 30min before meal (helps digestion)
-one (1) glass of water after waking up (helps activate internal organs)
-one (1) glass before sleep (avoid stroke or heart attack while sleeping)
-one (1) glass after taking a bath (helps lower blood pressure)

5. Check out some health insurance leads today to help insured you any time anywhere. In insurance leads, you can learn and find more about health insurances and life insurances for you and your family. It is always good to be ready about any health risk we’ll encounter in the future.

6. Be happy always. Enjoy every moment we have. Always do good things for others.

7. Above everything, Love God – because God is the one who gives us everything we have and we needed- wealthy life, peace, joy and good health.

Enjoy God’s gift of wellness. God bless.

1 comment:

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the tips on water and optimum times for drinking. There's always much to learn when it comes to improving health.


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