Sunday, February 28, 2010

Entertaining Online Games and PC Games

I was really tired with the school work and projects. I was bored and feel so weary going to school. How I wish I could have a chance to play and relax.

How about you, are you bored today?

I was looking for a total entertainment lately, and then I realized that there are lots of games I can find online. I suggest you try to visit this interesting site where you can
download games.

Yeah this site is really interesting. You can play alone or you can play with teams. You can also play thousands of gamers online. You can find a lot of games strategy and any other interesting online games.My younger sister will really love this one. She loves to play online games every weekend. That is why, if you have the same interest with my younger sister or you like to ease your boredom.

Here are some interesting games you can find their:
-Ice Gems
-Air Solitaire
-Press Your Luck
-Dragon Empire
-Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island and etc.

Start your journey online and enjoy the fun with thousands of games you can choose from.
I’m glad to help and suggest this site to you.

Keep going everyone. God bless always.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hearts Day Concert- HTT Young people

We give back all the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ for making our HTT young people concert a successful one.
This is the preparation, rehearsals and the concert photos. Be bless.

February 20, 2010 photos:
painting for our stage designs

helping together as "one"

final output... well it's really colorful "youthful" in color (Glory to God)

February 21, 2010:
our opening song with our all young people (Song: ow Great is Our God)

hand mime... in the song "Broken Road- Rascal Flatts"

Next is singing (Songs: When God Ran, Seasons of Love and etc.), body worship (song:Only Hope), praise and worship, words of encouragement, inspirational videos and etc.

... and our unforgettable dance number (entitled: Till I See You) *that was really my fist time to dance in pop music

Me and mys two sisters

I was glad because my mom, dad and cousins watched the concert

My best friend Beth (with her boyfriend) watched the concert

My HTT Young People Family

Everything I give thank to our Lord. He anoints me and blessed me in that concert. I don't feel nervous or afraid as I perform in the stage. I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed as I felt God's presence and anointing is withing us.
I will always live to Love you Lord. I will live to give you Praises.
Keep going everyone. God bless.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Real Estate Online Source?

"I want to have my own house". This is my Dream.
Do you have this in your dreams? Well, you better start dreaming and reaching for that dreams now.

Do you want to have a home of your own? How about your own properties?
If you are interested with these links:
Chicago Real Estate
Real Estate Investment
Chicago Properties
You may visit their website.

Enjoy. Keep going.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let’s Talk About Wellness

Wow, mom bought a new vegetable and fruit juicer. I’m so excited to use it and prepare a fresh vegetable and fruit juice. Last nigh we were all busy preparing and extracting carrot juice. Yeah, it’s great and I feel healthy in it. God healed my sickness before- now is the time for me to maintain a good and healthy life.

Take good care of ourselves. Stay fit and healthy.
Here are some of the important healthy tips for you:

1.Drink and eat delicious food. (Extract vegetable juice and eat healthy foods).

2.Have a proper and healthy exercise.

3.Pray. (A peaceful mind and a joy in the heart is good for our health.

4.Have a correct timing of water intake. (I got this text from a friend)
-two (2) glasses of water 30min before meal (helps digestion)
-one (1) glass of water after waking up (helps activate internal organs)
-one (1) glass before sleep (avoid stroke or heart attack while sleeping)
-one (1) glass after taking a bath (helps lower blood pressure)

5. Check out some health insurance leads today to help insured you any time anywhere. In insurance leads, you can learn and find more about health insurances and life insurances for you and your family. It is always good to be ready about any health risk we’ll encounter in the future.

6. Be happy always. Enjoy every moment we have. Always do good things for others.

7. Above everything, Love God – because God is the one who gives us everything we have and we needed- wealthy life, peace, joy and good health.

Enjoy God’s gift of wellness. God bless.

I'll be There When You Say "I Do"

Have a “happy hearts day” everyone. This is my post-greetings for you.

The whole week I’ve been celebrating my “hearts day” with my family, friends and church mates. I never had any idea going on a date with special someone or what. I’m happy being single and I’m glad to see different couples’s dating and celebrating that special day. Sometimes, we always seek for someone whom we wish to be with in that special day but I’m looking forward for “God’s perfect time” to enter in a relationship or we called it courtship.

As I saw different couple exchanging cards, giving dozens of roses, chocolates and etc. I start to ask myself, will they stick and stay together till the end? When you feel like she or he’s the one for you- with God’s approvals then this February, this is the best and perfect day to say your words “Will You marry me?” or are you planning to say your “I do”.

I've found this lovely "wedding invitations online" you better check it out!
For me, I always wanted to receive wedding invitations- knowing that there’s another pair of couple who’ve found their “destiny”. God is so gracious and loving He provide us the perfect one.

When God reveals the perfect one for you, then be ready with the best wedding invitations (which is available online) and don’t forget to invite me in that precious time of yours.

Keep going everyone. God bless always.

2010 Philippine Election

Please click here... A must see video...
Who will be the next Philippine President (2010)?
What will happen to the Philippines?

Best Online Fioricet Pharmacy?

Have you ever experienced being left at home, sick and unattended? Well actually that is really hard specially when your mom is not around and you don’t have any assistant or who will nurse when you needed medication.

I feel so pity and sad for those who are old ones who can’t afford to have a nurse or no relatives who will take good care of them. I’m glad that there is this
Online pharmacy Fioricet Really Delivers provides unbiased information and comparisons with regards to the online pharmacy today. Technology with the help of economic trading, medicines are now available online. It is easy and convenient to use. This so-called “drug store online” or online pharmacy is the answers to everybody’s prayer- those people who are alone and sick.

Aside from convenience that it can give,
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Working people, students-like me- will no longer bother going outside to find some pain relief for them. All they have to do is checkout about fioricet bluelist. From that site you will know about different online pharmacy that offers the right and quality fioricet, purchase it and ollah it is already available at your door steps (with easy and fast shipping).

Learn more about Fioricet with
Fioricet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What About Playing Xbox?

Have you played in a computer games or in computer arcades? Well how was the experience?
Totally I love playing computer games. If I have a lot of extra time, then that time I’ll try to play all of those games.

Have you heard about Xbox live?

Actually I haven’t heard and know about Xbox before- I just learn about it last week from my classmate. After we’ve done our thesis we play video games- using Xbox. Xbox is a video game console. The game was really great and nice- it is in a form of 3D. My classmates Xbox is an old version.

As technology innovated, Xbox 360 and Xbox Live also existed. It is a compete renovation of Xbox. With
xbox live gold 3 month, you can already download games, play online, chat play along with your friends and watch thousands of movies. Avail their xbox live 3 month membership and enjoy your summer. Surely with xbox live card 3 month, video games can be great source of fun and recreation for families and friends.

Keep going and God bless.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My JS Prom Night

My sister used to call me Michael Jackson in that pics... ^_^?? (Me, Beth and Li An)
Pretty in red and black casual dress... (looks like vampire.. LOL)

Taking photos with friends... that's it.. then eat.. then went home... *sigh
We'll... I can't really write thousand words when I say about my “first time experience at the prom"...

For me, it’s somewhat boring or what, maybe it’s because I’m not used in socializing people. I mingled with my classmates and my old friends- that was maybe one of the interesting part.
My high school friend (which happened to be my crush before) asked me to dance later but I transferred - me and my classmates- to other table that's why it won't happen at all (he wasn't able to find me) ...

I know some of you are excited to hear a lot from my JS prom, but I can’t say a lot of stuffs I did. But I hope the pictures are fine. Sometimes, when we expect so much we ended up something not contented.

JS Promenade… maybe an experience but I can’t consider it as an “unforgettable experience”.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Monday, February 08, 2010

JS Prom is Coming

I'll have a JS Prom this coming Saturday!!! Take note, this is my first time to attend a Prom but I'm not excited about it.

I hope I can dress up and prepare well at that day.
I'll just update you about it this coming week.

God bless everyone.

Care About Health Insurance?

Care about the people who lovers you. We all know that health is wealth. A life of person is very important. You may be healthy today and tomorrow will not. We cannot deny the fact that we are all busy- busy with our work busy in our school. This business can end up in too much stress and risk for our health. You are working so hard, and yet – in the end- you ended up in the hospital with a serious disease. You may have what you want today, and tomorrow you can’t have what you want- which is health. Be healthy always. Being healthy can give you work, while being sick can loose your work. Enjoy every fruit of your labor. Learn to save money for your health and life insurance.

God wants us to be wise in what we are doing. God, family and our friends loves us that are why we need to love ourselves too. Be aware what is right and what is good for our health. Have a worry-free day. Get in involve with sports and eat a balance diet and check out some of the best
insurance leads today.

In insurance leads, you can learn and find more about health insurances and life insurances for you and your family- this site really suites for insurance shoppers and brokers. You may check this out and help your family with regards in finding the best insurance leads today.

God bless everyone. Take care always make decisions wisely.
Keep going.

Cash for Valentine's Day Gifts?

Valentine’s Day is coming and I bet all of you out there are looking forward for there lovely dress for there JS Prom. Some of you want to give a special present for your loved one (your girlfriend or boyfriend) and your family.

What are the best tips to buy for your beloved?

I suggest you try to buy him or her with the lovely card with a love letter on it. Maybe, you also try to by some chocolates and dozen of flowers. For my family I want to buy some new clothes- for her Sunday’s dress. I do really love my mom very much. For me, the best gift you can give this Valentine’s Day is love plus a gift that is really from your heart- the gift that they will really love.

Are you financially able for those gifts?

Well, speaking of gifts, if you have no money for this very special day try to check out
payday loans available online- the fast way to cash. You can have money for that day. I hope this one can help you to achieve your plans for Valentine’s Day. Well then, financially you’re now able to celebrate and give gifts to your loved ones.

Always remember, God is our source of everything- the love that we can give and the gift that we buy.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


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