Friday, January 22, 2010

Winning the Crown of Friendship

“I’m just right here for you”. This is one of the few lines a friend could ever say to her dear friend. Yeah, true friends really support each other.

Last January 21, 2010… it is one of the biggest night for my friend Beth. I think some of you have already known her- since I was blogging about her and our friendship. It is the foundation day in our College and she’s one of the candidates who will participate in the said event. I get her as one of the candidate- since I am the Vice President.

Well, as an officer in charge and a friend to her, I gave my full support and 100% assistance to her. Though that was a tiring job but this is the way I want to tell her that I’m a true friend in deed and I’ll support her all the way… no matter what.

Though, she didn’t win the crown, but she gain greater friendship in me.

Keep going everyone. God bless always.

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