Saturday, January 09, 2010

Need Exercise? Try Cycling

Thank God for the great day He gave today. Well, I’m quite busy with all those school stuff- you know back to school again after the long week and holiday. I think the Christmas holiday season was one of the longest celebrations we annually celebrate. Of course we can’t deny that this is also one of the favorite where we prepare and eat delicious food for dinner.

I think from last week’s holiday season and parties, I’ve eaten a lot. I can already feel the fats in my body- plus lack of exercise feels me sick. Well then maybe I need some exercise- we both need exercise. My dad used to ride in his
mountain bike and I’m glad that he’s still been using it until this time. This will help him use for exercise everyday- at the same time he is having fun.

I love bikes. Cycling is really great hobby, sport or a sort of exercise. Either you are an athlete or not, we usually love riding it. Some are fascinated in buying some bike equipments and accessories. Whether you are an athlete or just an ordinary people who love cycling, you need to have some garments. I’ll show and check out the best site to find the best store to
buy a bike, garments and buying guides.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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