Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Piece of Artwork: Sketches

Take a look at this new sketch. Well, this is really the old me and I’m glad that I’m back again. After how many years- leaving this hobby- it’s good to be back again. For me, this is really me… this is really where I belong… this is really my passion and I can say… this is me.
Of course I won’t leave blogging. Blogging has been a part of my life now- since self expressions and creative writings can really determine my personality- I won’t leave you my friends. I’m just glad now that I can give time for myself again and I can find a little bit time to explore drawing.

From My Favorite Book ( I Kissed Dating Goodbye)

2 Timothy 4:9

From my Favotite Band (Lead vocalist Yael Yuzon- Spongecola)

Be updated with my latest sketches and artwork. I’ll be posting it here soon.

God bless. Keep going.


*MrsMartinez* said...

You are definitely a good artist! keep the good works coming xoxo

Evan's Mom said...

Those are good sketches, you should do that more often.

"I Kissed Dating Goodbye" is a good book. Though I already married when I first read it, it's still interesting to read.

LinGZ said...

thank you very much for your lovely comments... God bless.

erwinator said...



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