Sunday, January 17, 2010

Latest Trend of Car in 2010

Last weekend, we went to the mall with my mom to buy a new electric fan. Well its good to replace the old and really worn out electric fan- actually the old one is junked. While strolling around the mall, at the hall way or the entrance of the mall, I saw a brand new car displayed in the entrance. It is like, somewhat a chevy equinox type of car I’ve seen I the internet. Yeah, I always longed to have a car- you know travel is one of my greatest desire in my life- that is why car is really a big help.

Come to think of it on how technology evolved so fast- I think everyday there is a new car and technological devices is produced. I think this year, 2010, another style and trend of cars are being released in the market today. I do really love the chevy equinox displayed in the mall. The shiny fancy really attracts me- I really dream to own that kind of car in the future. If you want to own the same one too, then check out the latest model in 2010. Check out their website today.

Well then I say to myself, if I have already a stable job after I graduate, I’m going to own a car and tour my whole family around the country. Keep going everyone. Enjoy the week. God bless.

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