Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BFF- Best Friends Forever

I miss my friend. I know most of you here know about our friendship. I keep on blogging about my friend Beth. Unlike before, we usually go and hang out with each other everyday, but now we both have separate world. She had her practice teaching now while I go to school every Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes you are missing something you used to do everyday. We both have the same like and we always agree whatever we want to do in that day. I have to accept the fact that we both have to do something for our own selves.
God bless you my friend. Beth, I’ll be going to your place soon. Maybe this month I’ll go to there boarding house and hang out with her or maybe we’ll do some carrot shake and watch some movies, dress up and take some pictures and etc. Truly I’ll try to find a date with her this valentine’s day. Love my BFF (Best Friend Forever).

I really treasured every moment we have with each other. I hope to be with my dearest friend soon. Treasure every friendship you have right now and celebrate your friendship.

God bless everyone. Keep going. Enjoy the week.

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