Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Friends in Their Best Outfits

Well come to think of it, usually girls had really different stuffs and likes they bond with. Best friends as usually hang out with each other- watch movies, do some make ups, dress up and then take pictures. I love being a gal and do a lot of things with my friends. We usually dress up in there boarding houses- usually my closest friend’s lives in the same boarding house- and take some pictures. It is really fun indeed.

Here’s a little tips for you and your friends. There are a lot of new stuffs you can share with your friends. Maybe you should try this new women's large clothing. This is one of the latest trends among the teens today. Why not try to wear it with your BFF’s (Best Friend Forever) when you hang out with each other. Wear you favorite make up – make sure it will match from your outfit- and pose just like a teen star or model.

Yeah, it is really fun to do. We’ve done it already with my friends and I wish that I can bring back that old times and memories that we’ve been together.

Have great week to you. Wish you the best for you and your friends. God bless.

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