Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Cannot Hide in a Hidden Camera

Hello friends. How does the camera helps you?

I just watched the from the franchise reality TV Pinoy Big Brother- and I really enjoyed the show. Almost all parts of the house have cameras. Every actions and movements are captured by the camera. Cameras are very helpful when it is used in the right way.

Different types of Hidden Camera

When cameras are used in the right way it is surely one of the most helpful gadgets today- in securing safety. Now a day cameras are very important especially in the business establishments and infrastructure. Thieves and robbers are aware with the different spy cameras installed in the building. This time technology had evolved into a new and high tech.

Lately I’ve browsed a new style and design of
Hidden Camera. I’m so amazed on how they come up with this unique style. Check out this new stuff I’ve found here. They have hidden CamCorder can with remote control, audio activated pen camera recorder, cartoon clock hidden camera, wall clock camera, wireless mirror camera and etc. I was very amazed on how they come up with this new and bright idea.

This is one of the latest inventions I’ve seen. I was really amazed on how they come up with the smallest camera hidden in our favorite stuffs.

Keep going everyone. I hope this post seems to be informative one.

God bless.

1 comment:

Mike J said...

There are so many form factors these days it's kind of scary. I mean a clock,mirror,pen, you can think of it there may be a camera in it.

Hidden Cameras


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