Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s almost 20 years to be with my mom. In my 20 years in this world, I want to give thanks and honor to my mom. I want to be the best daughter for her. I love her, but I think she loves me more. I care for her, but she cares for me more. Oh, I always thank God for giving me to her or giving her to me.

In my life, I always disobey and sometimes hates her on how she rules my life. But the fact is… I will never be this “kind of girl” today without her- to be a “God fearing” daughter and a hardworking daughter. I want to fulfill my dreams so that she will be proud of me. In this very special day, I want to give gratitude and salute for being the "Best Mom" in the world.

…to Mama… you are my inspiration. I love you mom and Happy Birthday.

I got this cake photo from ate Micah's Facebook account. I really love the cake that's why I post it here. I'm planning to give mom an icecream today.

1 comment:

MsRay said...

Happy birthday to your mom. May the Lord shower her with blessings of good health and happiness :)


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