Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting to Know Myslef

I wandered around the city alone...
I want to walk and think. Sometimes we have to walk an extra miles to think and be relieve of the life’s burden and trials that we experienced. Usually I don’t stroll and wander around the city “alone”, but at that moment I feel like doing it. All by myself I walked without any direction. I have to take it to myself- it’s between me and my emotions. I have to deal with it. I want to hurt and punish myself.

In that moment, all I want is to stop the tears that speaks about everything that troubled and bothered me but its too late, people already seen my tears stream out of my eyes.
Its a self-pity and selfishness cause I don’t want to share it to them. I know that I can overcome it... for sure.

At the end of my journey, I prayed. And God heals my broken hearted. God knows and God sees… I know that soon it will be totally heal.

Keep going everyone

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