Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Congratulations Sir Efren

A true Hero… a true Filipino…

I’m proud to be a Filipino because of you sir Efren.
Efren Peñaflorida Jr. was named CNN Hero of the Year, the international news network. The Cavite City native pioneered a brand of mobile education, or the "pushcart classroom," for urban poor youth.

Sir Efren started a ‘pushcart classroom’ in the Philippines to bring education to poor children as an alternative to gang membership, has been named the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year.

This is the true spirit of heroism and nationalism. He made me proud to be a Filipino and to be a future teacher. Keep going Filipinos.

God bless everyone.

1 comment:

Sr. Athens said...

Thanks Sir Efren. I wish I could help you in your great work... Know that I am with you in prayers.


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