Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alone in my Room

My favorite part of our house is my bedroom. This is where I usually hide whenever I did something wrong- just to get rid from mom and dad’s punishments. That is usually my hiding place. I stayed there for the whole day and do whatever I want. That is the place where I play, write notes, sleep and most of the time draw. I love doing it alone until everything is clear.

But now everything is totally different. Whenever I’m down, I played computer games, stay at school and stroll around the city- just to ease the pain I felt. I opened my facebook look for any applications and chat with friends. The bedroom now is too messy that I couldn’t stay any longer. Then I asked myself, where is the young girl I used to be?

How I wish that I could bring back what I used to have before because I do really miss doing it. Well I’m planning to clean again the room and plan for activities where I can find again my inner self.

There’s only one thing that never changes, that is staying at the room, talk and cry it out to God.

Keep going everyone.God bless.

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