Friday, November 27, 2009

Relax and Have a Happy Weekend.

Happy Weekend Everyone. I love you all. I hope this is the best time for you to stay and relax with your family. Spend time to be with God and experience His goodness. God bless. I love you all.

The best credit cards of 2009

How much will you spend this Christmas? Do you still have extra bucks for shopping and to buy gifts for your Godchildren? Well if not, then try to save money now. The question is how can you save money?

If you can’t save money from your allowance or your salary, maybe you can save money from your best credit cards. Try to check out the best credit cards today where in you can save more. Try to compare your credit cards today and take advantage of the money you can save. Don’t let debts ruin your holiday. Explore more about great offering you can get.

Being down with your budget and unpaid debts is really a burden. Sometimes paying a big interest in a year is one of the problems they usually encounter. Check out for more good news where the best credit cards of 2009 satisfaction and learn so much from the laws where in obtaining 0% interest rates in the near future. For more info about it you may check out J.D. Power credit card rankings. Explore and I hope this simple post can help you work out with your budget and save more this holiday season.

I want you friends to have a merry Christmas. Enjoy the holiday and God bless.

Keep going.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Gift Will you Give this Christmas?

What do you want to receive this Christmas? Well, I’m not expecting that someone or somebody will give me a gift this Christmas. What I want is to give gifts to my loved ones and family. I’m looking forward for the joy that I can give to them rather than expecting to receive something from them. This is what we mean by pure love and joy- giving something that can make them happy. It’s better to give than to receive. So what are the gifts you plan to give this Christmas?

So how’s your plan this Christmas? Where do you want to buy for affordable and beautiful gifts this Christmas? If you feel tired to stroll in the mall and buy, well you have possible options that you can do. Go online shopping. Stay at home and browse with the different and fabulous site in the internet. Go and shop online and experience great sale and discounts this Christmas.

Fathers or husbands, surprise you wife with elegant jewelries and vintage rings. Make this Christmas a memorable one for both of you. Give her a golden present that she will surely love. Make your daughter happy with these vintage pendants. These lovely pendants will represent your golden love and appreciation. Make there necklaces lovely with this luxurious pendants- with antique style and diamonds- made up of gold. Speaking of gold, you may check out this site if you wan to have gold vintage earrings for your lovely daughter or for your girlfriend.

I just wonder, is there anyone who will give me special gifts this Christmas? LOL. Well, anyway I hope you can find great pleasures in choosing the gifts for your loved ones. Make your Christmas merry. I love to explore this site. Enjoy shopping.

Keep going everyone. God bless you. Have a merry Christmas to you and your family.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s almost 20 years to be with my mom. In my 20 years in this world, I want to give thanks and honor to my mom. I want to be the best daughter for her. I love her, but I think she loves me more. I care for her, but she cares for me more. Oh, I always thank God for giving me to her or giving her to me.

In my life, I always disobey and sometimes hates her on how she rules my life. But the fact is… I will never be this “kind of girl” today without her- to be a “God fearing” daughter and a hardworking daughter. I want to fulfill my dreams so that she will be proud of me. In this very special day, I want to give gratitude and salute for being the "Best Mom" in the world.

…to Mama… you are my inspiration. I love you mom and Happy Birthday.

I got this cake photo from ate Micah's Facebook account. I really love the cake that's why I post it here. I'm planning to give mom an icecream today.

Authoritative Car Parts

Lately when I was about to go home from school, that was raining so hard, I saw a car that was stack up in the middle of the street. The driver was all wet and it really caused great traffic. I felt pity to the driver because everyone is looking at him and the other people gone mad because of the traffic. His car was stack up in the middle of the street because of its flat tire.

Flat tires, over heat engine and dead battery are one of the problems we encounter when we are in the streets. Though I don’t have my own car but I know how hard it is when you encounter this kind of problems especially in the middle of the street. To avoid this kind of problems, you better check out one of the best site in the internet that offers aftermarket car parts. Quality is better than beauty. The quality of the product is better than a good looking one. But take note, if you want to have it all in one, you better check out this site. Aftermarket car parts offers authoritative source for all the car parts and kits you need.

Keep going everyone. God bless you and enjoy the cold day.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get in to the World of Fantacy: Get AION

Have you ever been in the world of fantasy?

Well, I do really dreamed to be in a fantasy world where in I will stay for one day and experience the magical adventures and meeting new characters. Well then it is possible now. How? Technology can offer it today.

Do you know about AION online game? It is a 3D online game where or actually it is an online role playing game. You can have your own (your online character) will have the devastating powers and wings. Learn more about Aion and get in to the world of fanacy.
Aion fanatics, check out this site to purchase aion and buy aion code. If you know about AION online game, probably you know about aion code.

Keep going everyone. God bless. Enjoy your day.

Congratulations Sir Efren

A true Hero… a true Filipino…

I’m proud to be a Filipino because of you sir Efren.
Efren PeƱaflorida Jr. was named CNN Hero of the Year, the international news network. The Cavite City native pioneered a brand of mobile education, or the "pushcart classroom," for urban poor youth.

Sir Efren started a ‘pushcart classroom’ in the Philippines to bring education to poor children as an alternative to gang membership, has been named the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year.

This is the true spirit of heroism and nationalism. He made me proud to be a Filipino and to be a future teacher. Keep going Filipinos.

God bless everyone.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Car Needs Accessories

What do you mean by car spoilers?

Usually cars are judge bases on its body and then its engine. What is commonly seen is the body. That is why car owners wants to make it good and looks good. They look at its brand, its paint, its body or shape and most often they consider its spoiler. I don’t really know what is car spoiler so in this post, let me tell you what it is.

Well, car spoiler is considered as the best asset of every car. You can see in the streets that cars have different body shape and style- based upon the owner’s personality and like. Just like humans, cars were also dresses up according to its latest fashion and trends. We all know rear spoilers can add beauty and luxury to your car. It is one of the biggest segments that are very important to consider when we want to put up some accessory to our cars. One of the popular spoiler’s today lip spoilers, post spoilers and rear roof wings spoilers.

If you want to have the best of the car spoilers today, you try to check out some of the best rear spoiler in the net. You can widely choose from the different styles and unique trends of colors.

Keep going everyone. Have a happy and luxurious day to all.

Enjoy Christmas Holiday Deals

Are you planning for a holiday this Christmas season? Yeah, when it comes to Christmas season, I always want to feel the warmth of Christmas. I want to see Christmas lights and treats. Many people want to experience the white snow or the so-called “white Christmas”.

Traveling is truly a hassle. Sometimes we have difficulties to catch up with flights and reservations for hotels outside the country. Plan your vacation today. Make it more convenient and easy and plan your vacation in the easiest way.

Well, it’s always an advantage when you find the best site to where you can choose which country to have a vacation. It’s always been a good day for you to have great places to choose from and book for your flight and reservations. They also offer a lot of cheapest holiday offers. It’s fun and good because they have the excellent discounts and bargains- a perfect time for Holidays.

Check out there site now and make sure you made up the best holiday deals. Apply now for hotel reservations and their flight reservations. Pack up your things now be ready for your fun and adventures. Have a happy trip.

Keep going everyone. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BookMark Your Site

I can’t afford to loose my Google Page Rank in my two blogs. Currently I have to blogs with Google Page Rank three and four. Yeah, it’s been doing great and improving. I’ve been doing some daily updates and great blog posts. I also visited some blogs and do some comments. In that way my blog became popular in some of the bloggers. I also do entrecard dropping.

Friends make it easier today. I just learned lately that
search engine submission and bookmarking your site can also increase your rank and traffic. I’m always open for any opportunities and possibilities to make good of m sites. That is why I started to bookmark my blog and my blog posts. It can help your site to be on the top of search engines. Yeah experience it today. Who knows, you may be the next in the top of search engines.

Search engine marketing today. If you don’t have time to bookmark it manually then ask some help – try to check out some social bookmarking services today. You can always have the chance to make a good site performance and site rankings. It’s good for any businesses today. Make your business in the top in the search engines.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alone in my Room

My favorite part of our house is my bedroom. This is where I usually hide whenever I did something wrong- just to get rid from mom and dad’s punishments. That is usually my hiding place. I stayed there for the whole day and do whatever I want. That is the place where I play, write notes, sleep and most of the time draw. I love doing it alone until everything is clear.

But now everything is totally different. Whenever I’m down, I played computer games, stay at school and stroll around the city- just to ease the pain I felt. I opened my facebook look for any applications and chat with friends. The bedroom now is too messy that I couldn’t stay any longer. Then I asked myself, where is the young girl I used to be?

How I wish that I could bring back what I used to have before because I do really miss doing it. Well I’m planning to clean again the room and plan for activities where I can find again my inner self.

There’s only one thing that never changes, that is staying at the room, talk and cry it out to God.

Keep going everyone.God bless.

Shimmering Jewelry for Christmas

Christmas is coming. I do really love Christmas time. When I heard about it, I’m always excited about it. How about you, what are your big plans for Christmas?

Tiffani Jewelry

What are your plans for the gifts you will send this Christmas? Well if you’re going to ask me about my opinions and suggestions about it, why not try to Buy Buy Tiffany Jewelry for Christmas for Christmas. I always love to wear jewelries. Jewelries are always suitable for your loved ones- either for your friends, family, children and boyfriend, husband or wife.

This will going to be a great and wide variety of choosing which one because all that was there was really great. Choose your favorites and start wrapping your gifts now. Check out which one d you like. They have a variety of pendants, necklaces, keys, rings, bracelets, charms, chains and etc.
Surely you have a good time in choosing one of the finest jewelry today. Tiffany Jewelry Christmas gifts can be the good and the best choice for you. Try to purchase it now. And feel the glittering, shining shimmering Christmas today. Feel free to choose. Check out and visit there web site today.

Keep going everyone. God bless us all. Have a Merry Christmas to us.

Choose the Best VPS Web Hosting Today

When it comes to applications, we always want the fastest one. We don’t usually want to waste our time. Usually slow internet irritates me much. Another thing we want is the fast SEO and fast web hosting service. We always want the fastest one. Yeah, I’m very much frustrated about this kind of thing.

How can you check out one of the best and the fastest of today’s offer? I’ll help you with it. Check out this one site and you’ll find this
best VPS web hosting 2009 Sites- like the InMotion VPS with 256 MB, 768 MB and 1536 MB. We want every web hosting to work as fast as we want. Wish granted. You can guarantee affordable price you could have. It’s the best solution for small business who wants to make up into the top.

We can be as successful as we want as long as we have faith that we can achieve it and we have the proper knowledge about web hosting. At the same time we all have in God’s hands- everything will be fine and successful.

Hard work and perseverance is the key to success. Keep going of what you have achieved right now and pursue your dreams today with the help of the best VPS hosting today.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Cannot Hide in a Hidden Camera

Hello friends. How does the camera helps you?

I just watched the from the franchise reality TV Pinoy Big Brother- and I really enjoyed the show. Almost all parts of the house have cameras. Every actions and movements are captured by the camera. Cameras are very helpful when it is used in the right way.

Different types of Hidden Camera

When cameras are used in the right way it is surely one of the most helpful gadgets today- in securing safety. Now a day cameras are very important especially in the business establishments and infrastructure. Thieves and robbers are aware with the different spy cameras installed in the building. This time technology had evolved into a new and high tech.

Lately I’ve browsed a new style and design of
Hidden Camera. I’m so amazed on how they come up with this unique style. Check out this new stuff I’ve found here. They have hidden CamCorder can with remote control, audio activated pen camera recorder, cartoon clock hidden camera, wall clock camera, wireless mirror camera and etc. I was very amazed on how they come up with this new and bright idea.

This is one of the latest inventions I’ve seen. I was really amazed on how they come up with the smallest camera hidden in our favorite stuffs.

Keep going everyone. I hope this post seems to be informative one.

God bless.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pacquiao Wins against Cotto

If you're going to ask me about my favorite sport to watch, probably its boxing. Obviously... I'm fanatic when it comes to boxing. We usually go along with my dad.Yes. That's how we both agreed of what to watch.
Inline with this is my favorite boxer:
Nonito Donaire, Jemrex Jaca and etc.

Once again.. boxing... gave a super-entertainment to me. The fight between Manny Pacquiao versus Maguel Cotto is really a 100% entertaining.

Manny Pacquiao's victory made us proud to be a "Filipino". Manny did really a great job- to make a legendary record. Mabuhay! It's another history for the world to remember.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Snapshots from Pacquiao VS. Cotto fight.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Experience Natural Organic Bath Soap

Hello friends, I woke early today. I just opened the computer and then all the way, I browsed different site. Well maybe my bathing time will be re schedule later in the afternoon.
Make your day flavorful and start your day with fresh and bright feelings.
How do you find different flavors?

Surely you will love to browse some of the great offering and products to make you more interested in bathing or taking a bath. Well choosing a wide variety of flavors is a fun to do. Yeah I found it interesting when I come up in this site with flavorful body bath soap. Best bath store is surely the perfect place for you to shop and purchase different variety of all
natural soap.
Peppermint Body Bar

Vanilla Bean Body Bar

Here are some of there bathing soap offers:
Uplift your spirit with the aroma of this Peppermint Body Bar. You can nourish your body and spirit with the vitamins and minerals with this all new honey milk body bar. You will have no problems in starting your day when you enjoy the different natural body soap (its organic extract) and alluring aroma of natures offer soap that appeals to your mood.
Check out there different flavors and products.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting to Know Myslef

I wandered around the city alone...
I want to walk and think. Sometimes we have to walk an extra miles to think and be relieve of the life’s burden and trials that we experienced. Usually I don’t stroll and wander around the city “alone”, but at that moment I feel like doing it. All by myself I walked without any direction. I have to take it to myself- it’s between me and my emotions. I have to deal with it. I want to hurt and punish myself.

In that moment, all I want is to stop the tears that speaks about everything that troubled and bothered me but its too late, people already seen my tears stream out of my eyes.
Its a self-pity and selfishness cause I don’t want to share it to them. I know that I can overcome it... for sure.

At the end of my journey, I prayed. And God heals my broken hearted. God knows and God sees… I know that soon it will be totally heal.

Keep going everyone

Alone and Sick? Online Pharmacy is Right for You

Being alone is really hard. You need others to accompany you. No man is an island. We need others to be our guide and assist us in out walks in life but there are really times that we are left alone and sick.

I’ve experienced that- being alone and feeling sick. No one was there to help and take good care f me. Mom was out and the rest of my family. Yeah that was difficult but now a day, internet can help us in securing our needs- especially a need for medicine. Through internet you can purchase products and goods through internet shopping. But how many knows that there are already online pharmacies today? I just browsed in and that is really a good example for online pharmacy. One of the common pains we experience is body pain so buy tramadol online is the most convenient and easiest way to get rid of the pain. It is available tramadol 50 mg. maybe you need it now, check out there site and experience the convenience that the online pharmacy can give you.

I’m glad that I have the chance to share it to you. It’s an extent where your basic needs are available by just one click in your click in your computer. I hope that this post can help you.

Keep going everyone.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Movie Watch: The Proposal

The Proposal

I enjoyed watching this movie with my cousins. The movie was really funny and romantic. I love the character of Margarete Tate (Sandra Bullock)- she plays an executive chief-editor in a publishing company. I like her because she's strict and selfish but deep inside is a soft and genial heart. Actually I love how the story runs. Yeah, plus the handsome Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) really did a great job- to capture every viewer's hearts. You better watch it. But I was somewhat disappointed because there are "blasphemy" words in some of the dialogs-get rid of it.
Keep Going everyone. God bless.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Standout with Your Poster

Hello friends. I woke up early today cause my cousin asked me to print something for her project. Actually I assisted her –though I've been so sleepy at that time. Honestly our computer printer cannot print well but at least at that moment it printed well so no hassle for me anymore. Yeah, were still trying to put up our “printing business”.

Yeah, being a graphic artist is one of my dreams. I still seek to be employed and create some poster designs that can be visible to the public.
LOL. Yes, I want to standout in my own poster.

I've visited some sites that offer some
Poster Printing site and they really had made a great customer services. Liquid Imaging- the name of the company- offers great and high quality formats for your graphic printing. They have great specialist in creating and providing full color poster prints and exhibition stands.

Maybe you need some standout posters, banners, exhibit stand, and business banner well you may check it out. Plus its high quality outputs with low its lowest prices.

I wish I could have the chance to work as a graphic artist in that superb company. Keep going.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Young People Regeneration

Hello everyone. Last November 2, my heart felt with gladness and joy. We had an overnight retreat at the Gift Sea beach resort. Though the place was so cold but the fire is burning in our heart- the fire and longing for Christ presence. Together with the other young people (my church mates), we had a fellowship and a great revival and anointing. Again, it’s another experience and opportunity for me to grow in Christ. I can’t explain the joy that I felt inside. It’s time for re-generation and respond to God’s calling. I believe that the time will come that God’s amazing anointing and revival will come in our land.

HTT- Harvest Time Temple Iligan Retreat

Calling for Re-generation

HTT Young people

Yes Lord! Yes Lord!

Cold Evening

Departure Time (7:00 AM). Cold Morning.

God bless to our youth and always keep the fire burning. God reigns.
Keep going.

Go Online and Land a Job Today

My big sister will stop schooling this coming semester. I feel sad but financially we are not able to provide money for her tuition fee. We were waiting for her scholarship to be granted but I think it takes time to wait for the result and the enrolment is now going on. So, it’s some what hard for us to enroll this semester.

For the meantime, my sister is planning to seek for a job and opportunities that will be beneficial for her. She planned to apply for a job. That is why this post is very helpful for my sister- as well as you. I know most of you really need a good job now a day. It’s a great privilege for me to share this information. Check out some career opportunity today.
Employment Agency NJ is the greatest information and tool provider for seeking jobs especially in New Jersey.

It’s a good advantage for job seekers, in which they offer terrific variety of jobs and competitive pay. It’s an opportunity for you to grab. It’s your turn now to be hired and land a job.

I hope this will be the chance for you to land a job. Keep going. God bless.

Alluring Spot for your Pets

When I was browsing the net, I was so happy to see some of the beautiful sites like Pet Suites. I always wants to see and know that pets still receives some extra care. I always feel pity every time I see some pets who are maltreated by there owners. I’m glad to know that there are still good hopes and chances for the pets to feel secured and in touch with proper care.

Pet Sitting Business is somewhat a good offering for you and your pets. It gives me the chance to get to know some of the excellent provider for pet care services and dog camps and day care center. It’s a world class resort for your pets. Try to check out there site how good it is. I think this will be the most and the greatest place that a pet could ever have. The foods and the place are great. Plus the proper the animal keeper are well-trained.

Double-up the fun and excitement. Surely you will find the best and alluring salon, spa and resort for your pets. Let your pet experience this. Be a good steward for your pet and surely they will be a good friend to you.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Vacations and Escapade with Cheap Hotels

Hey it’s the end of the semester-break. It’s good to go for a vacation and relax for a while. I think it’s a about time for you to relax and have break- after all those busy and hectic schedule you had in school. Keep in touch with the different activities and find ways to keep yourself away from the busy street of the city.

If I could have the chance and money, I want to have an out-of-town vacation or out of the country escapade. This is going to be fun. Go out of the country and experience and experience different ambiance of the fresh new environment.

Go for an escapade and experience the different excitement and double-up fun. Relax and chill and go around the world. Make your vacation more affordable with this affordable treat for you and your family. Experience the fun with an Asian cruise like Japan and Dubai. Check out some online directory to check out some cheap and popular hotel destinations- for sure it will lessen your expense with these
Cheap Japan Hotels, Cheap Tokyo Hotels and Cheap Dubai Hotels. They have also Cheap Canada Hotels if you want to experience American escapade.

Have a break. Keep going. Enjoy everything you could enjoy and live a happy life with God.
God bless. Happy weekend everyone.


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