Friday, October 30, 2009

Finland- Philippines Big Brother Swap

Finland and Philippine Big Brother Swap revealed.

Big Brother Finland: Kattlin Laas, 22,

Big Brother Philippines:Cathy Remperas, 22

Just a Little Bit Makeover

LOL. I did a little bit makeover yesterday. I put some makeup, eyeliner, lipstick, blush on and then start my pictorial. Though I don't really looks good but I don't feel bad at all. Well this is the simplest way to enjoy myself now.
Keep going.

Are You Planning to Move?

Well are you planning to move?

In reminiscing my childhood days, I can't help but to feel sad and happy. I’m happy because all the games and fun of being a child is my greatest treasure- because I have a lot of playmates and fun place where we hangout and play together. But when we moved out and transferred to the other place, that’s my saddest experience. Moving out is really the difficult experience- plus the hassle of carrying the things and your appliances. When you here about moving out- it’s a hard experience. Especially when you moved out almost hundred times- just what I’ve watched in the TV (it’s a true to life story).

Well don’t make moving a burden for you. Though it’s hard to leave the people where you used to love but moving itself can be easy now. Well I can give the best site where all you needed for moving is just right there. They can offer you the best moving supplies especially
Adhesive Packaging Tape- the most helpful supply for moving. The also offer you with the different variety of moving blankets, movers rubber bands, large sleeve pads model, specialty bags and etc.
I hope this post can help you ease your burden about moving. Keep going.

World's Greatest Picture: Capturing a New Life

When you were still in the womb of your mother, what can you remember about the things that your mom said to you? Probably you can’t remember anything. But you know what, being a parent is really blessings- especially in the part of a mother. Even though the child is still in there womb, they show so much care even if we can’t recognize it yet. Parents are both excited for the new member of the family. That is why technology had been a great contributor of change.

Before, mothers cannot feel the essence of being a mother during the stage of there pregnancy. Thanks to the latest technology because mother’s can merely see there child even if it is just in his womb. How was that?

That is why ultrasound was invented. It’s the technological gadget that will help the parents visualized there babies structures and movements in the mother’s womb. The Used Ultrasound Equipment will be a great help for the medical hospital and clinic who needs some medical support- this equipment was reconditioned to provide high quality performance. Its good to know that most facilities and hospitals have this kind of equipment. This will help encourage parents to take good care and nurture the child’s health and development.
Enjoy the weekend. Keep going.

Make Your Dog a Man’s Bestfriend

Attitude is one of the common problems of the people today. How we’ve trained by our parents is one of the greatest role in developing and molding our attitudes. But how about those lazy pets like this?

Well as you can see the guardian or the owner has the right and responsibility in developing some individual- even in your own pets. The interaction and relationship is very important. Like for instance, my cousins loved there dog so much but there dog is too wild that he ate there father’s chicks. That is why their father commanded them to throw away the dog.

Don’t let that happen to your beloved dogs when you can always have the solution for it-
Dog Training Courses. Send your dogs in boot camps and surely they will experience proper training and discipline. You will surely see the changes in them and they can be your friend, companion or even respond help you in times of needs. You’ll be surprised- after the camp- the dogs can respond, behave and perform proper manners. Give you’re the chance to prove themselves. As we all know “dogs are men’s bestfriend”. With the help of proper dog training services and trainers… surely your dog can make a difference.

Keep going. Have great day with your pets. God bless.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get to Know Xu Jinglei

Mainlan China's Xu Jinglei

I got this beautiful photo of Xu Jinglei when I was browsing some of the most popular blog in the blogosphere. I admit this beautiful actress from mainland China really captured the Asian beauty. She's also one one of the top actress in her generation (according to my source- Mr.Wiki).LOL. Well... I think you really adore her beauty-so do I. Truly Asian women have the unique beauty indeed. Xu Jinglei is a CERTIFIED "the brightest start".

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

I was riding on a jeep when I heard different Christmas song. I feel warmth and happy- knowing that Christmas is coming. The essence of Christmas filled my heart with excitement and joy. Honoring our only savior Jesus Christ gives me joy and smile into my heart. Plus the Christmas carol, exchanging gifts and Christmas cards that makes the Christmas the most memorable one.

share the warmth of Christmas w/ this lovely "white-snow Christmas cards"

In the Philippines, many people are dreaming to experience the so-called “white Christmas”. Is it amazing isn’t it? Well in the tropical country, we do not experience snow that is why people love to experience and play in the snow during Christmas.

It seems like it’s quite difficult for us to travel and seek for a white snow. Well, you can be more inspired and loved to have this cute
christmas cards. The design and motif are inspired with the warmth and excitement to have a white Christmas. I’ve seen this in different Christmas cards in the internet and I was amazed and longed more to experience the real snow- that keeps me on track of excitement that someday I can also feel and experience real snow.

The Christmas cards are all good and beautiful. Start availing your favorite cards today and let your loved ones see the beauty of a “white Christmas”.

Keep going everyone.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Design, Create and Enjoy

How can you make things easier and hassle free? Actually I’ve been asking this when I was walking in the isle of our college building. Students are too busy in making their projects- you know meeting the deadline. I know that everything is can make easier and lighter with the help of technology.

Actually I’ve encountered some better way to make everything possible. Usually our department usually involves some industrial matters. Then for the final requirement- for drafting students- they should come up to an individual project which is the miniature house. What is hard for them is planning and arranging the materials. That is why; some ends-up some harsh designs. These kinds of problems will no longer exist by the help of
Model Trains.

I just found out how helpful it was when I started exploring there site. Actually there are a lot of advantages when we use this new approach of technology. You can use their software. Actually you can make and print some designs- with actual scaling and 500 realistic materials in model builders. It is perfect and fun. It’s really great when you have all the proper planning for your projects. Well, for sure we- drafting students- loves to have this kind of software.

Enjoy your designs. If you can’t have it for real, then you can design it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Resolution No.101: Take Time to Sleep

I'm glad that the class is almost over. I'm looking forward for more days of sleep and time to rest.LOL. I'm too excited to have some "oversleep". I think I've never done that ever since I started blogging, playing facebook and studying. Yeah quite a long time but this time I'll really make some efforts in fulfilling this resolution.
Keep going everyone. Have a nice sleep. God bless.
This is really what I needed.

Learn about 1 and 1 Web Hosting

When we start building your own site, we start asking some questions like, how to create a wordpress, how to get help for wordpress problems, how to get a word press themes what can web host do and how to get more success in your site?

To get the possible answers to your questions you better check this site I’ve found and surely you will find the answers to your questions. Best web themes can be a helpful one to make accessible and interesting to your visitors. This will give some additional points to you and your blog. It can enhance your site and gives extra looks for your site. Creative and bet well-designed themes are all available for you. Just keep in touch with this
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It’s time for you to enhance your skills and keep in touch with real wordpress theme- developer. Here’s one affordable web hosting site company for you- experience there 1&1 web hosting. I know for sure this will be the answers to your questions on how to get more success to your site?

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What can a web host choice can do?

What can a web host choice do?

Well this post well this will be the answer to your question about searching the best web host. Web hosting sites are like scaffolds- which is very important in building up our site. just like with the buildings, our newly build site needs scaffold in order to build a higher level of infrastructure. Keep in touch and learn about the different web host that will help you in building up your success in your site.

Experience high traffic ranking, receive great visitors and targeted visits through the right choice of web host or web hosting sites. Now, let’s end up that doubt- about which one is better- because all that you need is just in one perfect site- visit site and explore and experience the best and the finest web host today.

I wish you’ve made the right choice. Well, welcome to blogging. Lol. This post is really a great help to me. The next time I will establish my new site, I can guarantee that I’ve made the right choice. Start shining now and start publishing your own site to the World Wide Web.

Keep going everyone. God bless and have a greater day ahead.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have Fun with Boots

It’s been a while now since the “ber” months had started. It’s going to be cold again as the month of December is coming. It’s going to be another season for us celebrates the goodness of the year. Prepare for this new and exciting season as we welcome the season with excitement and fun as you match up with the latest style. Wear your own style and get in touch with this new fashionable boots for you. Check out with this new and latest trend that really suits the new style and fashion. Take a closer look with that style. If you want the white effect with the designed buttons, then classic cardy cream it just right for you. If you want the girly style, then the perfect match for you is the classic cardy pink. Their fabulous design truly matches your pinkish outfit as you hangout and go out with your gigs.

Truly this kind of stuff is a perfect gift for your gift or a perfect wear for the ‘white Christmas”- how I wish that I could have also experience that one.

Explore the other face and style with this new
classic cardy chocolate boots- perfect for your style.

Keep going everyone. Have a stylish say to you.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Get Good Updates, Get Good Hosting

My classmate slept in our house to work in our project. Beth and I work over time and we slept at dawn- almost 3AM. I want to make all things done when I realized that my blog is going down. I haven’t updated it in almost a week or more than a week. I badly need to finish all my work before it’s too late for me to rescue my Google PR ranking- which has a PR4 and PR 2 blogs. What we did, which I think, is not enough and it takes another effort for me. We have to double out time and efforts to meet the deadlines of our projects and pursue blogging.

I always check my blog in the alexa rankings and this time its statistics and visitors are decreasing. What can I do to prevent it at the same time I can work on my projects?
I have to make good updates and post on my blog and my blog no longer in the top 100,000 blog in the internet. I feel bad about it. I need to find another step to handle it. At this moment like this, I think I need some help from the good website hosting. My cousin told me that web hosting can help a lot.

In this case, web hosting can really be a good help. Check out now the right webhosting company that can help you in promoting your site. It is very important to make a good decision now before you regret later. They will be the one to promote your blog aside from your own effort and daily updates. They will make known your blog and provide a special place and high ranking in the internet world- mainly the World Wide Web.
I hope I will finish all this and settle everything. Then I will re-start make good of my blog statistics. This time I hope my webhosting choice can help me now. Check out some new web hosting guide for your sites today.
Keep going everyone.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ceremony and Dinner with the Lovers

I’ve been in a wedding yesterday and that was totally heart warming and most memorable date for the both newly wed Sarah Joy (my relative) and Jover. Well look what I’ve got here. Well that’s my role in that event- taking pictures. (Well my camera is not good at all).LOL

me... a witness for this memorable event

emotional dance with her dad

Come to think of it, life runs too fast. When the time comes… I’ll marry soon. In God’s time, in God’s perfect timing …and as God gives me the perfect man. Enjoy God’s goodness and faithfulness in our life. God knows and always ask for God’s will.

Trust God. He will give you all the joy that you’ve been looking for. God bless.
Taking Vows and Commitment

Thursday, October 01, 2009

It’s about Webhost Resource

Do you need more sites who can give you more confidence in which way you will go and which web host you will choose?

Maybe you can have the chance to choose from the different valued top web host site today. it seems that we really need to know what are the ways we can do to make our site more visible and known to web surfers. Let your site be hit today and learn from the expert. Learn different top sites today from gobbler hosting.

Essential hosting and most guaranteed webhosting company are found in gobbler hosting, plus, there free website templates and free hit counter hosting. Make your site visible to the World Wide Web- through web hosting, experience great appeal for your site- through there website templates and experience there live updates to your blog- through hit counter hosting.
Its indeed it requires good decision and good attitude to maintain and establish a successful blog or site. Making right decisions in such a way you are choosing the right web hosing site. I hope this will help you make good of your blog.
I’m wishing for my PR rank to do good this month. I hope my good choice for a right web host and quality post can help me.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


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